Tourism in San Marino

The Palazzo Pubblico at daytime

Tourism in San Marino contributes approximately 2.2% of San Marino's GDP, with approximately 2 million tourists visiting in 2009.[1][2]

Most tourists who visit San Marino are Italian, usually consisting of people who come to spend holidays in the Romagna riviera and decide to spend a half-day or at most a night in the country.[2] Even though there are only a small number of non-Italian foreigners who visit the country, they still are vital to the Sammarinese economy.

There are no border formalities with Italy. However, at the tourist office visitors can purchase souvenir stamps which are officially canceled inside their passports.

The City of San Marino itself contains most attractions. The City is perched on a hill with regular parking areas for cars and buses. The City historic center itself is only a pedestrian zone that has mostly gift shops and food venues on both sides.

Visitor attractions

The main tourist attractions in the most popular destination in the country, the City of San Marino, and the rest of the nation are:

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