TorinoFilmLab (TFL) is a Turin (Italy)-based laboratory that primarily supports persons working on their first and second fiction feature films. Its four main fields of involvement are training, development, funding and distribution.[1]

TorinoFilmLab runs several projects in each of these fields every year. They end at the TFL Meeting Event in November during the Torino Film Festival, when participants of the different programmes present their work to a selected group of producers, sales agents, distributors and other professionals in independent filmmaking.[2]


This lab was created in 2008 with the aim of complementing Torino Film Festival with a laboratory dedicated to emerging filmmakers.[1]

TFL offers various residential workshops and on-line sessions to its participants. The programmes run parallel during the year and reach their conclusion in November at the TFL Meeting Event during the Torino Film Festival. At this occasion, TFL also hand over various awards in order to financially support the production and distribution of the selected films.[3]

TFL is financed by Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali, Regione Piemonte and Città di Torino, and is promoted by the main film institutions established in Turin and Piedmont – Museo Nazionale del Cinema and Film Commission Torino Piemonte.[4] It is also partially funded by the European Union programme Creative Europe and by partners from several countries. In 2015, about 57% of the funding came from outside Italy.[5]


TFL offers courses in various areas in filmmaking, with a particular emphasis on scriptwriting (both original and adaptation, as well as story editing), pre-production and distribution.[6] About 40 projects are selected each year.[7]

The supported films

Since its inception in 2008 more than 50 films have had TFL support.[8] Seven films supported by TFL were selected at Cannes Film Festival 2016,[9] and 5 of them received major awards.[7][10]

Selection of Supported Films

Year Film Director Nationality Festivals & Awards
2010 AGUA FRÍA DE MAR Paz Fábrega  Costa Rica TG VPRO Tiger Awards Competition, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010, Tiger Award
2010 LE QUATTRO VOLTE Michelangelo Frammartino  Italy Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes 2010, Label Europa Cinemas Award
2012 CHILDREN OF SARAJEVO Aida Begić  Bosnia and Herzegovina Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2012, Special Distinction of the Jury
2012 WADJDA Haifaa al-Mansour  Saudi Arabia Orizzonti, Venice Film Festival 2012
2013 SALVO Antonio Piazza & Fabio Grassadonia  Italy Critics’ Week, Cannes 2013, Nespresso Grand Prize and France 4 Visionary Award
2013 THE LUNCHBOX Ritesh Batra  India Critics’ Week, Cannes 2013, Grand Rail d’Or
2014 LOS HONGOS Oscar Ruiz Navia  Colombia Cineasti del Presente, Locarno Film Festival 2014
2015 ADAMA Simon Rouby  France Competition, Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2015; Best European Animated Feature nominee at the European Film Awards 2015
2015 EVA DOESN’T SLEEP Pablo Agüero  Argentina Wavelengths, Toronto International Film Festival 2015; Official Section, San Sebastián 2015
2015 EVA NOVÁ Marko Škop  Slovakia Discovery, Toronto International Film Festival 2015, FIPRESCI Prize
2015 MOUNTAIN Yaelle Kayam  Israel Orizzonti, Venice Film Festival 2015; Discovery, Toronto International Film Festival 2015
2016 AGNUS DEI Anne Fontaine - Participants: scriptwriters Sabrina Karine, Alice Vial  France Premieres, Sundance Film Festival 2016
2016 DOGS Bogdan Mirica  Romania Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2016, FIPRESCI Prize
2016 THE HAPPIEST DAY IN THE LIFE OF OLLI MÄKI Juho Kuosmanen  Finland Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2016, Prize of Un Certain Regard
2016 MIMOSAS Oliver Laxe  France
Critics’ Week, Cannes 2016, Nespresso Grand Prize
2016 RAW Julia Ducournau  France Critics’ Week, Cannes 2016, FIPRESCI Prize
2016 DIAMOND ISLAND Davy Chou  France
Critics’ Week, Cannes 2016, SACD Prize


From 2008 to 2015, TFL has trained 480 participants from 70 countries.[11]

Notable Alumni


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