Tops Supermarket

Tops is a grocery chain in Thailand. Formerly part of the US-based Tops Markets LLC, the chain is operated under the name Tops Supermarket in Thailand by the Central Food Retail (CFR), a subsidiary of Central Retail Corporation. In addition to Tops Supermarket, some branches are called Tops Super, Tops Market, Tops Daily and Central Food Hall. It is the largest supermarket chain in Thailand, and operates 120 stores nationwide.


The company was established as CRC Ahold Co., Ltd. in 1996 by integration of Robinson Department Store and Central Group supermarket business and formed a joint venture with Royal Ahold Co., Ltd., a Netherlands-based supermarket operator. In December 1996 and 1998, Robinson sold all of its invested shares to Royal Ahold Co., Ltd.[1]:21

Tops bought all former Food Lion locations in 2004, after the American grocery chain pulled out of Thailand.[2]

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