Today's Business (CNBC Europe)

Today's Business
Presented by Steve Sedgwick (2006–2007)
Guy Johnson (2003–2006)
Serena Al-Awa (2003)
Simon Hobbs (2001–2003)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Running time 60 minutes
Original network CNBC Europe
Original release 2001-01-15 – 2007-03-23
Preceded by Global Market Watch & Europe Today
Followed by Capital Connection
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Today's Business was a business news programme aired on CNBC Europe from 6-7am CET (5-6am WET) between January 2001 and March 2007. The programme was originally based on the CNBC U.S. morning programme Today's Business, which was later replaced by the programme Wake Up Call. The European Today's Business was presented by Steve Sedgwick.

The programme, affectionately referred to by some presenters as "TBiz", featured a look ahead to the day. Segments included a review of yesterday's business, a news headlines round-up, as well as early results. The programme also linked up with CNBC Asia for continuing coverage of the Asian session.

The programme was renamed from "Today's Business Europe" in May 2003. While the title was only slightly altered, the programme was reduced from two hours to one (with the then-titled CNBC Europe Squawk Box gaining an hour). While Today's Business Europe had been presented in front of CNBC Europe's video wall, the new programme (initially co-anchored by Guy Johnson and Serena Al-Awa, both of whom have now left CNBC Europe) was presented from behind a desk.

The programme ended its run on 23 March 2007 and was replaced on 26 March by a new show, Capital Connection, co-anchored by Maura Fogarty at CNBC Asia in Singapore and Sedgwick in London.

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