Tillysburn railway station

Tillysburn railway station was a railway station on the Bangor line of the Belfast and County Down Railway. It opened in 1848, closed in 1945 and was located 2 miles 48 chains (4.2 km) from the Queens Quay terminus.[1]

It is now a proposed station intended to serve the area between Belfast and Holywood on the Bangor line. The station has been proposed as part of the Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015 to provide a rail link to both the Holywood Exchange retail development and George Best Belfast City Airport.[2] It is also intended that the station serve the planned national stadium and as a park and ride facility for the areas around Holywood.[3]

The pressure group Rail 21, in a submission to the BMAP plan, has raised objections about what the new station is expected to do, in that it is approximately as far from the airport terminal as Sydenham station. Instead, it proposes a dedicated airport station, with Tillysburn used for the retail development and as a park and ride.[4] As of 2009, Northern Ireland Railways is concentrating on the renovation of the Derry line, so any expansion of service to the east of Belfast remains an unfunded proposal.

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