Ticinese franco


One franco coin (1813)
120 soldo
1240 denaro
Plural franchi
soldo soldi
denaro denari
Freq. used 3 and 6 denari
3 soldi
14, 12, 1, 2 and 4 franchi
User(s) Switzerland Ticino Swiss canton of Ticino
Pegged by Swiss franc (at par 1813, 1 franco = 1 12 franc 1850)

The Ticinese franco (plural: franchi) was the currency of the Swiss canton of Ticino between 1813 and 1850. It was subdivided into 20 soldi (singular: soldo), each of 12 denari (singular denaro), similar to the British pounds, shillings and pence system.

The frank was the currency of the Helvetian Republic from its establishment in 1798, but ceased issuing coins in 1803. Ticino introduced the franco, equivalent to the frank, in 1813 and issued coins until 1845. In 1850, the Swiss franc was introduced across the whole country, to the value of 1 12 Swiss francs to 1 Ticino franco.

Copper coins were issued for the denominations of 3 and 6 denari, with bullion 3 soldi and silver 14, 12, 1, 2 and 4 franchi.


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