Thyroid dyshormonogenesis

Thyroid dyshormonogenesis
Classification and external resources
Specialty endocrinology
ICD-10 E07.1
ICD-9-CM 246.1
DiseasesDB 9771

Thyroid dyshormonogenesis (or dyshormogenetic goiter) is a rare condition due to genetic defects in the synthesis of thyroid hormones.[1][2]

Patients develop hypothyroidism with a goitre.


One particular familial form is associated with sensorineural deafness (Pendred's syndrome).

OMIM includes the following:

Type OMIM Gene
Type 1 274400 SLC5A5
Type 2A 274500 TPO
Type 2B 274600 (Pendred) SLC26A4
Type 3 274700 ?
Type 4 274800 IYD
Type 5 274900 ?
Type 6 607200 DUOX2


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