Thotti Gang

Thotti Gang
Directed by E. V. V. Satyanarayana
Produced by E. V. V. Satyanarayana
Written by E. V. V. Satyanarayana
Starring Prabhu Deva
Allari Naresh
Anita Hassanandani
Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography Loknath
Edited by Marthand K. Venkatesh
Release dates
6 December 2002
Country India
Language Telugu

Thotti Gang is a 2002 Telugu comedy film produced and directed by E. V. V. Satyanarayana starring Prabhu Deva, Allari Naresh, Sunil, Gajala and Anita Hassanandani in the lead roles. The movie was released on 6 December 2002 to positive reviews and was declared a super hit at the box office. The movie was inspired from the Hollywood movie Saving Silverman.


Achi Babu (Allari Naresh), Sathi Babu (Sunil) and Suri Babu (Prabhu Deva) are the best buddies since childhood. They form a band that does multi purpose jobs like acting as band of boys for marriages, professional catchers of dogs, and cremation service guys. Karate Malliswari (Gajala), another childhood nightmarish karate-skill-flaunting damsel, lures Achi Babu into love. Then she snatches Achi Babu away from Suri Babu and Sathi Babu to make him her live-in boy friend. They also get engaged to each other. Irritated by their act, Suri Babu and Sathi Babu kidnap Malliswari. They tie her to a chair and then hatch another plan to make Achi Babu believe that Malliswari is dead. In that process, they dig a 'fresh' dead body from a crematorium, pack her in the car of Malliswari and throw that car into a valley. Police confirms that Malliswari is dead and Achi Babu's heart breaks again. Then appears Venkata Lakshmi (Anita Hassanandani), the childhood sweetheart of Achi Babu. Venkata Lakshmi has another flashback . As she was staying in her elder sisters house,her husband becomes attracted to her and one night when she was asleep,he comes to her bedroom and makes love with her. When she wakes up, she is shocked to see her nightdress open and she runs off the room. Her elder sister doesn't help her and She was in a hurry to join an Ashram run by Matasri (Shakeela). Sathi Babu and Suri Babu hatch another plan to unite this couple. At this moment, Malliswari escapes from the den. The rest of the story is all about how these poor confused souls join together and the happy ending.



Song Title Singers Length
"Nuvve Kaavaali" S. P. B. Charan, Sumangali 04:28
"Oh Oh Sodharaa" Ranjith 05:26
"Vechhani Vechhani Deham" Rajesh, Chitra 05:22
"Orinayano" Sandeep, Kalpana 05:15
"Gundello Nuvve" Devi Sri Prasad, Febi 05:23
"Kannepilla Are Kannepilla" Karthik, Mathangi 05:28
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