The World's Greatest Superheroes

Not to be confused with The World's Greatest Super-Heroes, hardcover collection of graphic novels by Paul Dini and Alex Ross.

The World's Greatest Superheroes was a syndicated newspaper comic strip featuring DC Comics characters which ran Sunday and daily from April 3, 1978 to February 10, 1985. It was syndicated by the Chicago Tribune/New York News Syndicate.

Initially starring Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Black Lightning, it underwent several title changes, as the focus changed to primarily feature Superman.

Title Dates
The World's Greatest Superheroes April 3, 1978 to October 13, 1979.
The World's Greatest Superheroes Present Superman October 14, 1979 to August 14, 1982.
Superman August 15, 1982 to January 8, 1983. Then dailies only from January 10, 1983 to February 9, 1985.
The Superman Sunday Special Sundays only from January 9, 1983 to February 10, 1985.

Writers: Martin Pasko scripted at the beginning. Paul Levitz took over October 15, 1979 until March 22, 1981, with his initial story coming from a Pasko idea. Gerry Conway then picked up the assignment. A continuity from Mike W. Barr followed, appearing October 26, 1981 through January 10, 1982. Paul Kupperberg handled continuities from January 11, 1982, until the end, including a segment from January 12 through March 12, 1981, that he ghosted for Levitz. Bob Rozakis wrote all but two of The Superman Sunday Special.

Artists: Initially dailies and Sundays were pencilled by George Tuska and inked by Vince Colletta. At various times from April 25 until November 13, 1982, the strip was worked on by Tuska, Colletta, José Delbo, Bob Smith, Frank McLaughlin and Sal Trapani. Delbo and Trapani then illustrated the feature from November 14, 1982 until the end.

Episode Start Date End Date Fan Title Hero Cast
011978-04-031978-07-01Vandal Savage Strikes!Superman, Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman
021978-07-021978-10-24Flash Fights for His LifeSuperman, Flash, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, & Black Canary
031978-10-251979-01-21The Disco DisappearancesSuperman, Black Lightning, Batman, Robin and Black Canary
041979-01-221979-05-20The Gravity MagnifierSuperman, Wonder Woman, and Batman
051979-05-211979-10-11Superman Subpoenaed!Superman
061979-10-121979-12-12Jimmy Olsen, Elastic LadSuperman
071979-12-131980-03-13The Shrunken SupermanSuperman
081980-03-141980-06-11The Gimmick GangSuperman and Wonder Woman
091980-06-121980-08-31The WeaponerSuperman and Flash
101980-09-011980-12-13Nuclear CrisisSuperman and Batman
111980-12-141981-06-27Gigi and the Motion PictureSuperman
121981-06-281981-10-25Sports with Steve LombardSuperman
131981-10-261982-01-10The Joke is on SupermanSuperman and Batman
141982-01-111982-04-21Lady SteelSuperman and Wonder Woman
151982-04-221982-07-28The Joker AgainSuperman
161982-07-291982-11-13The StalkerSuperman
171982-11-141983-03-23Luthor and the AliensSuperman
191983-07-181983-10-29Bal-Ga from New KryptonSuperman
201983-10-311984-01-14Luthor and the RobotsSuperman
211984-01-161984-04-14The Wacky BizzarosSuperman
221984-04-161984-07-14Brainiac and the DerlynsSuperman
231984-07-161984-10-21The ToymakerSuperman
241984-10-221985-02-10Superman's Parents ReturnSuperman


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