The Witch Trials

The Witch Trials
Genres Electropunk
Years active 1981
Associated acts Dead Kennedys
The Sound
Past members Jello Biafra
Christian Lunch
Adrian Borland

The Witch Trials was a one-off musical collaboration between Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys, Christian Lunch and Adrian Borland of The Sound.[1] The group released only one self-titled EP in its lifetime.


The Witch Trials
EP by The Witch Trials
Released 1981 (1981)
Genre Electropunk
Label Subterranean
Producer The Witch Trials


The Witch Trials was recorded in England.[1] According to Biafra, "The Witch Trials is the most evil record I've ever been associated with".[2]


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The EP was released in 1981 by Subterranean Records. According to John Trubee of Spin, the EP was released "with virtually no promotion and no information".[2]

Track listing

1."Humanoids from the Deep"   
2."The Tazer"   
3."Trapped in the Playground"   
4."Meat Beat"   


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