The Twist (film)

The Twist

DVD cover
Directed by Claude Chabrol
Produced by Alexander Salkind
Ilya Salkind
Pierre Spengler
Screenplay by Claude Chabrol
Ennio de Concini
Norman Enfield
Based on Le Malheur Fou
by Lucie Faure
Starring Bruce Dern
Stéphane Audran
Music by Manuel De Sica
Cinematography Jean Rabier
Edited by Monique Fardoulis
Central Cinema Company Film (CCC)
Release dates
23 June 1976
Running time
107 minutes
Country France
West Germany
Language French

The Twist is a 1976 film co-written and directed by Claude Chabrol. Its title in French is Folies bourgeoises (literally - bourgeois madness).


The film follows a bored, upper class group of Parisians who embark on a series of affairs with each other.

Principal cast

Actor Role
Bruce Dern William Brandels
Stéphane Audran Claire Brandels
Sydne Rome Nathalie
Jean-Pierre Cassel Jacques Lavolet, l'éditeur
Ann-Margret Charlie Minerva
Maria Schell Gretel
Sybil Danning La secrétaire
Charles Aznavour Dr. Lartigue
Curd Jürgens Le bijoutier
Tomás Milián Le détective
Claude Chabrol Le client chez l'éditeur (uncredited)

Critical reception

Glenn Davidson of Turner Classic Movies:

[T]he story cannot decide whether it is a romantic farce, a serious look at relationships, or a setup for a series of erotic daydreams experienced by a troubled married couple... The Twist is a confused and halfhearted comedy of manners that never decides on an approach to its subject... Although the film does have a few interesting moments, it is cluttered with pointless digressions and unfunny comedy.[1]

Michael Barrett of PopMatters:

Chabrol’s typical themes don’t fit so well into wacky-comedy mode (given that French wacky comedies usually are no funnier than American ones) and not so easily into surreal-fantasy mode either. The chicly transgressive dreams seem intended to remind us of Luis Buñuel’s French films of this era, but it suffers in the comparison. Where the film wants to be frothy and sexy, it looks grating. What tries to look smart looks dumb.[2]


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