The Shetland Times

The Shetland Times is a weekly newspaper in Shetland, published on Fridays and based in Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland.

The newspaper is owned by The Shetland Times Ltd, a company which also operates a publishing arm, a bookshop and a printing company. The Shetland Times Ltd claims to have 55 employees.[1]

Locally known as The Times, the newspaper was established in 1872 and costs 90 pence. The newspaper claims a circulation figure of 11,438. It was voted Newspaper of the Year by the (Scottish) Highlands and Islands Media Awards in 2006.


From February 2006 until February 2008 the editor was Jonathan Lee, formerly of the Aberdeen Evening Express. Lee left the Shetland Times following newsroom staff passing a vote of no confidence in his editorship.[2][3][4] He was succeeded by Paul Riddell, a former assistant editor of The Scotsman.[5]


The Shetland Times has a variety of sections including:


The Shetland Times owns, and is printed by, Shetland Litho, a printing company based in the same building as the Shetland Times Head Office in Lerwick.


The Shetland Times Ltd own a bookshop (The Shetland Times Bookshop) located on Commercial Street, Lerwick. It is Lerwick's only bookshop and also stocks a range of greeting cards and stationery.


The Shetland Times Ltd publish a range of Shetland related books.


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