The Salamander (1981 film)

The Salamander
Directed by Peter Zinner
Starring Franco Nero
Anthony Quinn
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Cinematography Marcello Gatti
Distributed by ITC Entertainment[1]
Release dates
  • April 25, 1981 (1981-04-25) (UK)
  • May 23, 1983 (1983-05-23) (U.S.)
Language English

The Salamander (also known as Morris West's The Salamander) is a 1981 thriller film directed by Peter Zinner, at his directorial debut.[2] The film is based on a novel with the same name by Morris West.[3]


Policeman Dante Matucci investigates a series of murders involving people in prominent positions. Left behind at each murder scene is a drawing of a salamander. As the body count grows he sees a pattern that might point to a conspiracy to take over the Italian government.



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