The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam

The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam is a compilation of lectures delivered by Muhammad Iqbal on Islamic philosophy and published in 1930. These lectures were delivered by Iqbal in Madras, Hyderabad, and Aligarh. The last chapter, "Is Religion Possible", was added to the book from the 1934 Oxford Edition onwards.

In Reconstruction, Iqbal called for a re-examination of the intellectual foundations of Islamic philosophy. The book is a major work of modern Islamic thought. It was a major influence on Iranian sociologist Ali Shariati and other contemporary Muslim reformers, including Tariq Ramadan.

Quotes from the book

Great Iranian Thoughtful Dr Ali Shariati wrote a book about Allame Iqbal that name "We and Iqbal". The best translation of Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam in Farsi(Iranian Language) was don by Dr Mohammad Masoud Norouzi.It is very detailed and subtle translation. It has good explanations as footnotes that help to better understanding.




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