The Porn Kings

The Porn Kings
Origin Liverpool, United Kingdom
Genres Electronic, dance
Years active 1996-2006
Labels All Around the World
Past members Davy T
Paul Rowland
Dan Evans
Kenny Hayes

The Porn Kings were a British dance musical ensemble from Liverpool.

Originally formed by Davy T, Paul Rowland and Dan Evans, the group's first single was released as a white label called "Pumping the Junk". It featured an original sample from Josh Wink's "Higher State of Consciousness". The track was picked up very quickly by All Around the World Productions where it was reworked and renamed "Up to No Good" in 1996.

The debut release became a hit in Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. They released an album, Up to No Good, in 1999. Additionally, they did remixes for DJ Quicksilver, Young MC, Josh Wink, and Pamela Fernandez. Their track "We're Watching You" was included on the soundtrack to the 2001 film, The Hole starring Thora Birch and Keira Knightley.

Kenny Hayes joined the group to help write the second single and the group's debut Album.

Further UK hits included "Amour (C'Mon)", "Up to the Wildstyle", "Sledger" and "Shake Ya Shimmy".[1]


Rock The Dancefloor

Many of their songs are also featured on the "Rock The Dancefloor" compilation albums. Rock The Dancefloor is a compilation album made by All Around The World for Preston-based radio station Rock FM. They were featured on two tracks on each album up to the 4th series.

Rock The Dancefloor 1

Up To Tha Wildstyle - Disc 1 Track 2 - Porn Kings vs DJ Supreme
Up To No Good - Disc 1 Track 7 - Porn Kings

Rock The Dancefloor 2

Up To Tha Wildstyle '99 Remix - Disc 1 Track 4 - Porn Kings vs DJ Supreme
Kickin' The Beat - Disc 2 Track 8 - Porn Kings feat Pamela Ferrandez

Rock The Dancefloor 3

It's A Party - Disc 1 Track 5 - Porn Kings
La B-Bop - Disc 2 Track 5 - Porn Kings

Rock The Dancefloor 4

Sledger (Nasty Boyz Remix) - Disc 1 Track 9 - Porn Kings
Amour (C'mon) - Disc 2 Track 9 - Porn Kings


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