The Mutations

The Mutations
Directed by Jack Cardiff
Produced by Robert D. Weinbach
Written by Edward Mann
Robert D. Weinbach
Starring Donald Pleasence
Tom Baker
Brad Harris
Julie Ege
Music by Basil Kirchin
Jack Nathan (uncredited)
Cinematography Paul Beeson
Edited by John Trumper
Getty Pictures Corp.
Distributed by Columbia-Warner (UK)
Columbia Pictures (US)
Release dates
October 1974 (UK)
25 September 1974 (US)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United Kingdom
United States[1]
Language English

The Mutations is a low budget 1974 British-American science fiction/horror film directed by Jack Cardiff. The film was also released under the title The Freakmaker.[2]


A deranged genetic scientist abducts college students as human guinea pigs that he uses in his experiments in crossbreeding plants with humans. The failed experimental mutants are then given to a cruel circus freakshow owner who exploits them to the fullest. However, the mutants and the circus freaks will not be denied justice.



The Mutations was filmed exclusively in England in Oakley Court, Windsor in Berkshire; Battersea Park, London; and in Pinewood Studios.[3]

According to Tom Baker, Willie Ingram, who went by the stage name "Popeye" because of his uncanny ability to dislocate his eyes from their sockets, used to frequent a bar across the street between shooting scenes. During one such outing one of the waitresses made it clear through her attitude that she didn't approve of Baker, who is white, being friends with Ingram who is black. To get back at her, Ingram would pop his eyes from their sockets when she passed their table, frightening her and when she tried to point it out to other waitresses and patrons he would then relocate his eyes back in their sockets and then he and Baker would pretend nothing happened. According to the film's producer and co-writer Robert D. Weinbach, the role for Professor Nolter was originally intended for famed horror actor Vincent Price, however due to difficulties with Price's agent the idea was abandoned.[4]


The Mutations was released in the UK in October 1974 and in the U.S. on September 25, 1974. The film was also released under the alternate title The Freakmaker.[5]


Film critic Leonard Maltin awarded the film a mixed 2 out of 4 stars,criticizing the film's predictable story and what he called "grotesque elements and characters".[6]


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