The Korea IT Times

The Korea IT Times
Hangul 코리아아이티타임스
Revised Romanization Koria aiti taimseu
McCune–Reischauer K‘oria ait‘i t‘aimsŭ

Korea IT Times is an English-language Industry and Technology journal based in Seoul, South Korea. It focuses on the Technology and Business industry news and analysis of the South Korea and global market, aimed towards those people who are interested in trading between Korea and the world. It has both an online and offline presence. Its offline monthly magazine appears in domestic and foreign companies including government offices, bookstores and university libraries as well as those in 153 countries each month. Its web site receives approximately 50,000 visitors each day.

Core team

The Korea IT Times editorial team includes Jeong Yeon-jin Editor, Clair Go-eun Chun,CMO in New York, Yeon Choul-woong, Kim Sung-mi, Shin Ji-hye, Travis Allen, Daniel Kim, Kim Sung-kap,Ryan Shuster, Kim Yu-na, Natasha Willhite, Oh Hae-young, Suh Jin-young, Chun Hyung-June, Daniel Ko, Song Kyu-yeol, Lee Si-young


The content of the Korea IT Times is syndicated to Google News, Digital Trends, and Euromoney. The Korea IT Times web site also has a partnership agreement with Digital Trends to re-distribute its video content, adding daily video reviews to its content.


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