The Journalist

The Journalist
Directed by Sergei Gerasimov
Screenplay by Sergei Gerasimov
Starring Galina Polskikh
Yuri N.Vasiliev
Music by Pavel Chekalov
Cinematography Vladimir Rapoport
Release dates
  • 1967 (1967)
Running time
226 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

The Journalist (Russian: Журналист, translit. Zhurnalist) is a 1967 Soviet romantic drama. It was directed and written by Sergei Gerasimov. The film stars Galina Polskikh and Yuri N.Vasiliev and tells a story of love between a successful Moscow journalist and a girl in a remote city in the Urals.


The film consists of two parts. In the first part entitled "Encounters" a successful journalist from Moscow Yuri Aliabiev (Y.Vasiliev) travels to a small city in the Urals because a certain Anikina, woman living in the city, writes complaints about local authorities accusing them of dissipation and bribe-taking. Arriving in the city Aliabiev meets Shura Okaemova, a nice-looking girl who works at a local plant. Attracted by Shura's intelligence and beauty Aliabiev attempts to seduce her but Shura rejects his attempts. Aliabiev leaves for Moscow and then on a business trip for Paris.

The second part ("Garden and Spring") tells about Aliabiev's life in Paris where he meets Annie Girardot, attends the rehearsal of Mireille Mathieu and conducts extensive discussions with his new friend, an American journalist, trying to persuade him in the advantages of Soviet way of life. Returning from Paris to Moscow Aliabiev travels to the city in the Urals again. He failed to forget Shura and wants to resume their relationship. On arriving to the city he finds out that Anikina wrote letters to local authorities accusing Shura of a liaison with him. The Komsomol meeting decided to move Shura from her house to a hostel. Aliabiev finds Sura to tell her about his love and they decide to marry.



The film was awarded the Grand Prix at 5th Moscow International Film Festival in 1967.[1]


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