The Inheritance (2003 film)

Directed by Per Fly
Produced by Ib Tardini
Written by Kim Leona
Per Fly
Mogens Rukov
Starring Ulrich Thomsen
Lisa Werlinder
Music by Halfdan E
Cinematography Harald Gunnar Paalgard
Release dates
  • 21 February 2003 (2003-02-21)
Country Denmark
Language Danish

The Inheritance (Danish: Arven) is a 2003 Danish film directed by Per Fly. It is released as Inheritance in the United Kingdom.

The Screenplay was written by Kim Leona, Per Fly and Mogens Rukov produced by Ib Tardini, and starred Ulrich Thomsen and Lisa Werlinder.


Christoffer (Ulrich Thomsen) is called back from his life as a restaurant manager in Sweden when his father commits suicide. His mother, Annelise (Ghita Nørby) puts pressure on him to take over management of the family business, a steelworks factory.

Although his heart is not in it, he feels obligated to take up the task. The decision is met with frustration and anger from his wife Maria (Lisa Werlinder), who eventually accepts his decision and moves back to Denmark along with him.

The management task is slowly taking over Christoffer's time and life, and as a consequence, he ignores the needs of himself and his wife. As the managerial dilemmas include some of his personal relations, he is forced to give up his personal morals in order to meet the company needs.

Slowly, but surely, his altered life style pushes him away from Maria, who moves back to pursue her career as an actress in Sweden, which pushes him further towards a nervous breakdown.

The movie ends with the acceptance of his fate, indicating that he is following closely in the footsteps of his father, which led to the suicide in the beginning.


Ulrich ThomsenChristoffer
Lisa WerlinderMaria
Ghita Nørby Annelise
Karina SkandsBenedikte
Lars BrygmannUlrik
Peter Steen Niels
Diana AxelsenAnnika
Jesper ChristensenHolger Andersen
Ulf PilgaardAksel
Dick KaysøJens Mønsted
Sarah Juel WernerMarie-Louise
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