The House (1975 film)

The House
Directed by Bogdan Žižić
Written by Željko Senečić
Bogdan Žižić
Starring Fabijan Šovagović
Jagoda Kaloper
Rade Marković
Ana Karić
Music by Tomica Simović
Cinematography Tomislav Pinter
Edited by Radojka Tanhofer
Croatia Film
Jadran Film
Release dates
10 July 1975
Running time
91 minutes
Country Yugoslavia
Language Serbo-Croatian

The House (Serbo-Croatian: Kuća) is a 1975 Yugoslav film directed by Bogdan Žižić.


Branko (Fabijan Šovagović), a 50-year-old director of an export-import company accidentally meets Seka (Jagoda Kaloper), a much younger woman. She mentions a large house that belonged to her parents which was erroneously confiscated by the government after World War II. Branko, who has fallen in love with Seka and proposed to her, spares no effort so that the house can be returned to her. Due to his good connections, he succeeds. However, the house needs renovation, and his salary is not sufficient, so in order to please his young wife, he resorts to illegal activities...[1]


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