The Green Goddess (play)

The Green Goddess
Written by William Archer
Date premiered January 18, 1921
Place premiered Booth Theatre
New York City, New York
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting Remote area near the Himalayas

The Green Goddess was a popular stage play of 1921 by William Archer. In the three years after its publication, the play toured in both America and England. It was included in Burns Mantle's The Best Plays of 1920-1921.

The 1921 Broadway production four-act melodrama was produced and staged by Winthrop Ames. It ran for 175 performances from January 18, 1921, to June 1921 at the Booth Theatre.

Broadway cast

The play was the basis for both a 1923 silent film and a 1930 talkie. Star George Arliss and Ivan F. Simpson reprised their roles in both films, as the Raja of Rukh and his chief aide, respectively.

In 1925 a railway locomotive was named after it, the locomotive's owner having been inspired by the stage play.

In 1939, Orson Welles staged a version in New York, which was preceded by a short film prelude – this was two years before the release of his debut feature film, Citizen Kane. The footage is now believed lost.

Green Goddess salad dressing was invented in the 1920s, by the chef at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, to commemorate the actor George Arliss and this play.

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