The Ghost Walks

The Ghost Walks
Directed by Frank R. Strayer
Produced by Maury M. Cohen
Written by Charles Belden
Cinematography M.A. Anderson
Edited by Roland D. Reed
Distributed by Chesterfield Pictures
Hollywood's Attic
Sinister Cinema
Teakwood Video
Release dates
  • December 1, 1934 (1934-12-01)
Running time
69 min
Country United States
Language English

The Ghost Walks is a 1934 horror film, directed by Frank R. Strayer.


On a stormy night, a theatrical producer, his secretary, and playwright Prescott Ames are stranded when their car skids off the road and gets stuck. The three take refuge in the nearby home of Dr. Kent, a friend of Ames. One of Kent's patients, who is staying at the house, is acting strangely, and the others in the house tell the newcomers that she is behaving this way because it is the anniversary of her husband's murder. At dinner, the group begins exchanging accusations about the murder, when suddenly the lights go out, and soon afterwards comes the first in a series of mysterious and fearful events.

The producer thinks all the strange occurrences are part of a ploy to get him to produce a play for Ames. In a great line, one of the other characters exclaims "These fools think we are putting on a play for their benefit!"

The usual homespun collection of storm effects, sliding panels, bumps in the night and mysterious prowlings. The standard mixture of comedy and terrors, The Ghost Walks is more competently staged than scripted.


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