The Farm: Angola, USA

The Farm: Angola, USA
Directed by Liz Garbus
Wilbert Rideau
Jonathan Stack
Produced by Liz Garbus
Jonathan Stack
Written by Bob Harris
Narrated by Bernard Addison
Cinematography Sam Henriques
Bob Perrin
Edited by Mona Davis
Mary Manhardt
Release dates
  • 1998 (1998)
Running time
88 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Farm: Angola, USA is a 1998 award-winning documentary set in America's infamous maximum security prison in Angola, Louisiana. It was produced by Jonathan Stack and Liz Garbus and directed by Stack, Garbus, and Wilbert Rideau.

The film follows the lives of six prison inmates who convey their own personal stories of life, death, and survival in a world that few manage to ever leave. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.[1]

A follow-up film, The Farm: 10 Down, which examines the lives of the surviving prison inmates 10 years after the original film, was released in 2009.

Inmates profiled
Inmate Year imprisoned Sentence Conviction
John A. Brown, Jr. 1986 Death First-degree murder and robbery
George Crawford 1997 First-degree murder
Wilbert Rideau 1961 Murder and kidnapping
Vincent Simmons 1977 100 years Double rape
Eugene 'Bishop' Tannehill 1959 Life Murder [2]
Logan 'Bones' Theriot 1960 Life Murder of wife
Ashanti Witherspoon 1972 75 years Armed robbery [3]



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