The Faceless People of Monroe

The tale of the Faceless People of Monroe are a family of mutant humanoids that are rumored to live in a ramshackle farmhouse in rural Monroe, Connecticut. They are rumored to live alongside an old man who serves as their caretaker, who is often seen working in the yard and chasing away cars. This legend is also known as The House of the Faceless People.


Various tales describe the appearance of the Faceless People. Some describe them as having pale skin, stretched membranes where their eyes should be, colorless lips, bumps for noses, and holes for ears. Other tales say that sunlight is not favorable to these individuals who have no face. These people have no eyes, nose, or ears, just a mouth outlined with pale lips, and bony hands grasping around constantly as if trying to find their way in the world.[1][2]


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