The Cubs Fan's Guide To Happiness

The Cubs Fan's Guide to Happiness is a baseball book written by a George Ellis. It deals with the different views of Chicago Cubs fans. It talks about things such as the theory of "There's Always Next Year" and other philosophies that Cubs fans live by. Ellis uses the thoughts of historic philosophers to prove some of the thought processes of Cubs fans that he includes in his book. In each chapter, he gives an example of how each idea can apply to a real-life situation.

1. There's Always Next Year (TANY)
2. If not Soriano, Beer Will Make it Better!
3. Everybody Needs a Scapegoat
4. It's Not Over until You're Mathematically Eliminated
5. Winning Really Isn't Everything
6. Loyaltiness is Next to Godliness
7. At Least You're Not a Sox Fan
8. The Power of Low Expectations
9. To Boo or Not To Boo
Conclusion: What Does This All Mean?
Appendix A: 15 habits of Highly Happy Cubs Fans
Appendix B: A Century of Losing: 100 Years, 100 Frustrations
Appendix C: Frequently Asked Questions
Cubs Fan's Glossary

Book Source

Ellis, George (2007). The Cubs Fan's Guide To Happiness. Chicago, Illinois: Triumph Books. 

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