The Citrus Industry

The Citrus Industry
Authors Herbert John Webber, Leon Dexter Batchelor, Robert Willard Hodgson, Walter Tennyson Swingle, Walter Reuther and more
Country California, USA
Language English
Subject Citriculture

The Citrus Industry book consists of five volumes of scientific and experimental information on all the citrus species and varieties, originals as well as hybrids.

The book was produced by scientists associated with the University of California Citrus Experiment Station, and contains fundamental information on the variety description and cost effectiveness of growing, as well technical support for citrus cultivation. The name reflects its aim to support the success of the citrus industry in all means. It is considered as the bible for citrus farming.[1]


The book was originally published between the years 1943-1948, which is its first edition. It was revised in the 1960s by Walter Reuther[2] with major reconstruction, and republished starting in 1976-1989.[3] The Second Edition is much updated, but some interesting material was removed.[4]

Volumes, subjects and editors

Packing house of oranges, in San Diego County, California.

Many of the mentioned are classical abbreviation authors, and the citations of their names are actually referring to this book.

This book is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California.

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