The Children of USSR

The Children of USSR

Film poster
Directed by Felix Gerchikov
Produced by Mirit Tovi
Written by Ayidin Ali-Zade
Felix Gerchikov
Starring Daniel Bruck
Cinematography Amnon Zlayet
Release dates
  • June 5, 2005 (2005-06-05)


Running time
96 minutes
Country Israel
Language Hebrew

The Children of USSR (Hebrew: ילדי СССР, translit. Yaldei SSSR) is a 2005 Israeli drama film directed by Felix Gerchikov,[2] and produced as part of the Israeli Project Greenlight reality show, which Gerchikov won.[3] It was entered into the 29th Moscow International Film Festival.[4] It won an Anat Pirchi Drama Award at the 22nd Jerusalem Film Festival in 2005,[5] and the Best Israeli Film award at the 5th Annual Eilat International Film Festival in 2007.[6]



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