The Adventures of Shirley Holmes

The Adventures of
Shirley Holmes
Genre Mystery/Crime
Created by Ellis Iddon
Phil Meagher
Written by Susin Nielsen
Ellis Iddon
Phil Meagher
Therese Beaupre
Elizabeth Stewart
Patricia Finn
Charles Lazer
Rick Drew
Dennis Foon
Tony DiFranco
Barbara O'Kelly
Jordan Wheeler
David Young
Directed by Gary Harvey
Norma Bailey
Rick Stevenson
Graeme Lynch
Kim Todd
John L'Ecuyer
Richard O'Brien-Moran
Elise Swerhone
Mark Soulard
Neill Fearnley
T.W. Peacocke
John Paizs
Anne Wheeler
Scott Smith
Starring Meredith Henderson
John White
Sarah Ezer
Blair Slater
Brendan Fletcher
Annick Obonsawin
Marie Stillin
Colin Fox
Elizabeth Shepherd
Chris Humphreys
Rebecca Gibson
Maggie Huculak
Composer(s) Terry Frewer
Country of origin Canada
Original language(s) English
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s) Derek Mazur
Kim Todd
Producer(s) Kim Todd
Gary Harvey
Helena Cynamon
Teri Woods-McArter
Cinematography Larry Lynn
Stephen Reizes
Michael Marshall
Les Erskine
Editor(s) Paul Mortimer
Robert Lower
Daria Ellerman
Michael Rea
Camera setup François Balcaen
Michael Drabot
Steve Madden
Lorne Bailey
Robert L. O'Hara
Brian Sanders
Arlea Ashcroft
Jay Kohne
Michael Marshall
Running time 24 minutes
Original network YTV
Original release May 7, 1997 – May 7, 2000
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The Adventures of Shirley Holmes is a Canadian mystery TV series that originally aired from 1997 to 2000. The show was created by Ellis Iddon and Phil Meagher (of Winklemania Productions, UK) who had produced a successful series of books with Harper Collins, teaming up with Credo and Forefront to develop the TV series. Filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba,[1] the series follows the life of Shirley Holmes, the great-grandniece of Sherlock Holmes who, with the help of ex-gang member Bo Sawchuk, tackles a variety of mysteries in and around the fictional Canadian city of Redington. On some occasions, she found herself matching wits with nemesis Molly Hardy (whose name is a word play on Sherlock Holmes' archenemy Professor Moriarty).

The show has been broadcast in over 80 countries and has been dubbed in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Polish and Turkish.

Her performance in the show led to actress Meredith Henderson being nominated for a Gemini Award in 1998 and winning one in 1999. The show itself was twice nominated for a Gemini Award in the category "Best Children's or Youth Program or Series" in 1998 and eventually won it in 1999. In the spring of 1998 Susin Nielsen won a Gemini Award in the category "Best Writing in a Children's or Youth Program" for her screenplay of the episode "The Case of the Burning Building". In the same year, Elizabeth Stewart won a WGC Award from the Writers Guild of Canada for her writing of the episode "The Case of the Maestro's Ghost".[2]

Credo spokesperson and producer Kim Todd named a growth spurt in the cast as one of the key reasons for cancelling the show. The aging of the actors would have meant a distinct change in tone and content had the show continued.[3]

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Original music was composed by Terry Frewer, although the theme tune was written and performed by show creators Ellis Iddon and Phil Meagher.


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