Tezukayama University

Tezukayama University
Type Private
Established 1941
President Hiroshi Iwai
Academic staff
143 full-time
313 part-time[1]
Administrative staff
Students 4,609[1]
Undergraduates 4,530
Postgraduates 79
Other students
484 (international)
Location Nara, Japan
34°41′11″N 135°43′20″E / 34.686324°N 135.72209°E / 34.686324; 135.72209Coordinates: 34°41′11″N 135°43′20″E / 34.686324°N 135.72209°E / 34.686324; 135.72209
Campus Urban
Colors Blue     
Website http://www.tezukayama-u.ac.jp/

Tezukayama University (帝塚山大学 Tezukayama Daigaku) is a private university in Nara, Japan. Tezukayama University has two campuses—one in Gakuen-mae (学園前) in Nara city, and the other in eastern Ikoma (東生駒). Tezukayama University has many facilities in a historical setting.


Tezukayama Gakuen was founded with an ideal of creating a new college town in Nara in celebration of Osaka's Tezukayama Gakuin 25th anniversary in 1941.

In 1961, Tezukayama Women's Junior College was established with two departments, the Department of Arts and Literature and the Department of Family and Consumer Science. In 1964, Tezukayama University was established as a woman's college with the Faculty of Liberal Arts. In 1982, the Tezukayama Archaeological Research Institute was founded (from 1997, reorganized as Research Institute for Archaeology).

Tezukayama University was changed to co-education in 1987 with establishing a more faculty, the Faculty of Economics. In 1991, the Graduate School of Economics was established, and in 1993, the doctoral degree program in Economics was established. After that, other faculties and graduate schools were established, such as the Graduate School of Humanities in 1996.

The Graduate School of Humanities at Tezukayama University is notable in the studies of Traditional Japanese Culture. Both M.A. and Ph.D. degrees are offered by this program. The Ph.D. programs in Law and Policy and Psychology were launched in 2003 and 2012, respectively.

Women's junior college

Tezukayama College
Type Private women's junior college
Active 1961 (1961)–2005 (2005)
Location Nara, Japan

Tezukayama University Junior College (帝塚山大学短期大学部 Tezukayama Daigaku Tanki Daigakubu) was a private junior college associated with Tezukayama University. The junior college opened in April 1961 by Tezukayama Gakuen Education Group as a women's college. The junior college was affiliated with Tezukayama University from 1964 to 2005.[2] It closed in 2005.[2]



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