Texas Ballet Theater

The Texas Ballet Theater was founded by Margo Dean and Fernando Schaffenburg in 1961 as the Fort Worth Ballet, in Fort Worth, Texas. It became a fully professional ballet company in 1985. In 1988, after the demise of Dallas Ballet, the company began adding performances of The Nutcracker in Dallas in a business partnership with The Dallas Opera, producing Nutcracker performances in The Music Hall and using The Dallas Opera Orchestra.

Fort Worth Ballet became the Fort Worth Dallas Ballet in 1994 when The Dallas Supporters of FWDB, a separate 501(c)3 corporation with its own Board of Directors, was established in Dallas. The Dallas Supporters' responsibility was primarily to raise contributed funds so that Fort Worth Dallas Ballet could perform a full season in Dallas in the Music Hall at Fair Park. A detailed "Joint Venture Agreement" was established between the two organizations. FWDB - the Fort Worth organization - remained the primary employer and producing entity. All dancers, production staff and most administrative staff were employees of FWDB. The Dallas Supporters hired a small administrative staff. Each season, FWDB and The Dallas Supporters would negotiate an agreement outlining which and how many productions would occur in Dallas.

The two organizations operated under this two corporation / two board structure for nine seasons. In 2001, the Dallas Supporters were not able to raise the funds needed to produce the Ballet's Dallas season, forcing FWDB to cancel productions planned in Dallas for early 2002; one Fort Worth production was also cancelled. This occurred during a season when FWDB had no permanent artistic director. Bruce Marks was serving as Artistic Advisor and Bruce Simpson as Ballet-Master-in-Chief.

Over the 2002-2003 season, an agreement to merge the two corporations and their Boards was created. The resulting organization was then was renamed Texas Ballet Theater in 2003.[1]

Texas Ballet Theater is a resident company of Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth and the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas.[2]

Artistic staff

As of May 2010:[3]

  • Ben Stevenson, O.B.E. - Artistic Director
  • Tim O'Keefe - Associate Artistic Director

  • Li Anlin - Assistant Artistic Director
  • Anna Donovan - Principal Ballet Master

Company dancers

As of May 2010:[4]


  • Paul Adams
  • Adam Boreland
  • Robin Bangert
  • Max Caro
  • Katelyn Clenaghan
  • Carl Coomer
  • Heather Kotelenets
  • Jaclyn Gill

  • Jennifer Hooper
  • Kelly Kristen Irvine
  • Carolyn Judson
  • Lisa Kaczmarek
  • Angela Kenny
  • Thomas Kilps
  • Alexander Kotelenets

  • Michelle LeBoeuf
  • Lainey Logan
  • Betsy McBride
  • Leticia Oliveira
  • Lucas Priolo
  • Danny Ryan
  • Victoria Simo

  • Philip Slocki
  • Eddy Tovar
  • Mark Troxler
  • Joamanuel Velazquez
  • Peter Zweifel
  • Simon Wexler
  • Havilah Sprunk


  • Dustin Geradine
  • Paige Nyman

  • Andrew Hellerick
  • Morgan Stinnett

  • Kaitlyn Potts

  • Drake Humphreys


  • Julianna Bicki
  • Ali Paige Block

  • Nicole Von Enck
  • Amy Hollinger

  • Emma Pressman

  • Allisyn Hsieh


Artistic Directors

Executive Directors


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