Terres Inovia

Terres Inovia
Motto Agricultural sciences in motion (L'Agronomie en mouvement)
Formation 2015
Type research institute
Purpose applied research
  • Paris, France (head office) and 16 research stations in France
Bernard de Verneuil
Website http://www.terresinovia.fr/about-terres-inovia/

Terres Inovia is a French agricultural research institute carrying out applied research on oilseed plants and protein crop. It was created in June, 2015[2] by merging:

Terres Inovia main tasks are to conduct research and to disseminate technical knowledge to farmers. It has partnerships with other French research institutes such as INRA and Arvalis Institut du Végétal;[3] also, it participates to European research projects (e.g. the Feed-a-Gene project[4]). The crops studied are:


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