Teresa Wentzler

Teresa Wentzler, is an American artist and cross-stitch designer known primarily for her fantasy-inspired designs.[1]

She self-publishes her work through her Montoursville, Pennsylvania-based TW Designworks business (launched in late 1998), although many of her earlier cross-stitch designs are available through Leisure Arts, Inc. Additionally, the Janlynn Corporation has manufactured her designs in kit form for several years. Prior to self publishing, she was a regular contributor to Just CrossStitch magazine.[2] She followed Cathy Livingston and was succeeded by Marie Barber. In July 2005, Teresa announced that she would taking a leave of absence from cross stitch design to focus more on artwork with the first fruits of this new focus being a selection of art prints of pen and ink fantasy designs, also sold through TW Designworks. In early October 2007, Teresa announced that her temporary leave of absence was ending, having found a local on-demand publisher to work with.

Teresa excelled in art and music during her days attending Hughesville High School and was particularly impacted by her participation in the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts program during the summer year between her Junior and Senior years.

During her studies at a local community college, Teresa began to design for counted cross stitch. Her first two designs (Rocking Horse designs "Trotter" and "Chestnut") were stitched as gifts for best friends. Encouraged by positive reactions, she submitted the photos to a design scouting firm and quickly received a call from Just CrossStitch magazine launching her designing career.

She has since experimented with numerous techniques in her work. Her cross-stitch designs are noted to be among the most detailed and challenging available, incorporating numerous blended threads, fractional stitches, and specialty stitches. Her "hallmark" designs are large in size with ornate borders. She has also designed several pieces for wool-cross, or "Victorian Cross Stitch", which use wool and canvas.

Teresa Wentzler (or 'TW' as she is commonly referred to) has developed a large international fan base many of whom participate on a large discussion board (approximately 4000 registered users) linked from her site which has been highly active since the mid-1990s. The members of the board held a get together in Las Vegas in 2005 known as the TWBBWWGTG (Teresa Wentler Bulletin Board World Wide Get ToGether). A limited edition T-shirt was created as a keepsake for those who participated on the Bulletin Board but were unable to attend the meeting.


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