Televisión Educativa (Colombia)

Televisión Educativa
Type Broadcast television network
Country Venezuela
Availability National
Owner Ministry of Popular Power for Communication and Information
Key people
Willian Lara, Minister Popular Power for Communication and Information
Launch date
Official website
Television Educativa

Television Educativa, since 2009 known as "Colombeia Televisora Educativa", is an educational television station in Venezuela that is owned and maintained by the INCES (Instituto Nacional de Capacitación y Educación Socialista), a government agency. It can be seen by people in the most rural communities in Venezuela, but the INCES hopes that one day Televisión Educativa can be seen throughout the entire country.

In 2007, "Fundación Colombeia" was created, becoming an organization independent from INCES, later becoming part of the Ministry of Education.

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