Technikum (Dunaújváros)

Technikum is a district of Dunaújváros in Hungary. It is located between Táncsics Mihály and Dózsa György Streets.

Drinking water were ensured from Dunaföldvár and Budapest during the construction works. Decision about the construction is from November 1952. It has similar structure as Dunasor. Works were suspended in 1954, and the planned buildings with socreal facades were not built, because Khruschev did not support this kind of art.

Family residential houses were built with gardens in front of them, and there were avant-corps and arcades on them. These were built with reinforced concrete, with a main wall at the centre from brick. There were numerous designer, for example József Malomsoky, Zoltán Czellecz, Ádám Solta, Ildikó Császár, Kálmán Mészáros, József Tiefenbeck, Tamás Szubi, Gábor Rombauer. József Malomsoky gained the rights to plan the Western part of Dunaújváros with one of his plains from 1956.

There were built two schools, one with 16, and another one with 20 rooms.

Plains about the College of Dunaújváros’s predecessor is from 1952. The main idea was to make a technicum, a dormitory and a workshop. Latter was ready in 1956.


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