Team Australia (roller derby)

Team Australia
Founded 2011

Green, gold and white

Head coach Flamin’ Galah (Bench Coach)
Manager Slawta Dawta (Bench Manager)
Cherry Axe-Wound (Tour Manager)
Championships 4th place at 2011 Roller Derby World Cup
Broadcasters Derby News Network

Team Australia represents Australia in women's international roller derby, in play such as at the Roller Derby World Cup. The team was first formed to compete at the 2011 World Cup, and finished the tournament in fourth place, beating Team Sweden by 126 points 80 in their quarter final,[1] but losing to Team USA 532 to 4 in the semi final,[2] and to Team England 203 to 85 in the third-place playoff.[3] Before the event, coach Thigh-dal Wave stated that the team aimed to play against the USA and to beat Team New Zealand.[4]

Team roster

2014 team roster

In December 2013, Team Australia announced their 2014 roster.[5] (skaters' league affiliations as of the time of the announcement)

2880Blue WrenegadeAdelaide Roller Derby
601Colonel KAOS!Adelaide Roller Derby
9livesKit Cat KrunchAdelaide Roller Derby
117Chop ChopBrisbane City Rollers
TOP5Susy PowCharm City Roller Girls
411Bambi von Smash’erCanberra Roller Derby League
77Shaggle FrockCanberra Roller Derby League
6ShortStopCanberra Roller Derby League
8Annabelle LecterNorthern Brisbane Rollers
20Beth AdderNorthern Brisbane Rollers
76Brutal DeluxeNorthern Brisbane Rollers
41Lil Gee UnitNorthern Brisbane Rollers
14Christy DemonsParadise City Roller Derby
50xFreyda CoxSydney Roller Derby League
411Blockodile DundeeSun State Roller Girls
45Cookie CutterSun State Roller Girls
58Dodge&Bolt Sun State Roller Girls
11Lady KillerSun State Roller Girls
48MuzzaratiSun State Roller Girls
8Polly CrackersSun State Roller Girls
12Rose RuinSun State Roller Girls
10BicepsualVictorian Roller Derby League
4Calamity MaimVictorian Roller Derby League
10G-BangerVictorian Roller Derby League
505Mad Mel ArenaVictorian Roller Derby League
782TigerVictorian Roller Derby League
88Tui LyonVictorian Roller Derby League
-Flamin’ Galah (Bench Coach)Victorian Roller Derby League
-Slawta Dawta (Bench Manager)Sun State Roller Girls
-Cherry Axe-Wound (Tour Manager)Canberra Roller Derby League

2011 team roster

Team Australia announced their first roster of twenty skaters in September 2011,[6] which played at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup. (skaters' league affiliations as of the time of the announcement)

308AmykazeeCanberra Roller Derby League
411Bambi von Smash'erCanberra Roller Derby League
M8Blockidile DundeeSun State Roller Girls
45Cookie CutterSun State Roller Girls
58Dodge & BoltCoastal Assassins Roller Derby
99Fang FiendBrisbane City Rollers
801HateradeSydney Roller Derby League
10Juke NukemBrisbane City Rollers
1stKing CamCanberra Roller Derby League
11LadykillerSun State Roller Girls
28MuzzaratiSun State Roller Girls
12Rose RuinSun State Roller Girls
24Ruby RibcrusherVictorian Roller Derby League
911SculleySun State Roller Girls
6Short StopCanberra Roller Derby League
44Slawta DawtaSun State Roller Girls
TOP5Susy PowNewcastle Roller Derby League
106Tricksey BeltemAdelaide Roller Derby
40U Sooz U LoseVictorian Roller Derby League
XL40XLSun State Roller Girls

Junior Team Australia

In April 2015 the Inaugural Junior Team Australia squad [7] was announced to represent Australia at the first ever Junior Roller Derby World Cup in Kent, Washington during July 2015. [8] The junior squad is open to females and males.

E105Ace Of SadesWest Side Derby Dolls
603Dizzy ReaperLil' Adelaide Rollers
355Elker SkelterBlue Mountains Junior Roller Derby
101Hannah MonslamherLil' Adelaide Rollers
74Hello HittyBlue Mountains Junior Roller Derby
9IszabordinationLittle Brisbane Roller Girls
55Jackass JazzLittle Brisbane Roller Girls
66Jed I KnightSunshine Coast Area Rollers
32Luna EclipseLil' Adelaide Rollers
1305Mini TricksLil' Adelaide Rollers
127Mr FlibbleHobart Junior Roller Derby
38Roller Stomp-HerLil' Adelaide Rollers
666Satans RoseLil' Adelaide Rollers
25Smash n DashBlue Mountains Junior Roller Derby
242SnapperazziLil' Adelaide Rollers
243Stelz BelzHobart Junior Roller Derby
1907Teenage RampageLil' Adelaide Rollers
77The Dolly LlamaLittle Brisbane Roller Girls
934Whomping WillowHobart Junior Roller Derby
34Zume MinxCairns Junior Rollers


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