Taxa (TV series)

Taxa is a Danish television drama in 56 episodes, written by Stig Thorsboe and produced by Rumle Hammerich for Danmarks Radio.[1]

The series was a success from the start, 14 September 1997 on DR1. It was broadcast during the period 1997-1999 for a total of five seasons. Taxa was also screened in Sweden on SVT1.[2]


The series revolves around a small taxi central, CrownTaxi, in Copenhagen. CrownTaxi has its ups and downs and in the course of the series, following the various drivers, radio operator Lizzie and boss Verner Boye-Larsen (John Hahn-Petersen). They all have their problems both with clients and family life and constantly threaten the show's villain Hermann from the competing taxi firm, City Car, who wants to take over CrownTaxi.[3]


Actor Character
Pernille HøjmarkLotte Nielsen
Zlatko BuricMeho Selimoviz
Pia ViethBirgit Boye-Larsen
Jesper LohmannFinn Johansen
Leif SylvesterTom Lund
Peter GantzlerMike Engholm
John Hahn-PetersenVerner Boye-Larsen
Margrethe KoytuLizzie Boye-Larsen
Anders W. BerthelsenRené Boye-Larsen
Peter MygindAndreas Lund-Andersen
Helene EgelundGitte
Trine DyrholmStine Jensen
Laura ChristensenFie Nielsen
Torben JensenHerman
Ann Eleonora JørgensenNina Boye-Larsen
Jens Jørn SpottagPeter
Caroline DrasbækMai
Lars KnutzonBentzon
Claus BueKurt
Tammi ØstDr. Mette Sandbæk
Vibeke AnkjærLouise Hald
Søren SpanningClaus Skovgaard
Solbjørg HøjfeldtEva Henningsen


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