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Tatar Encyclopaedic Dictionary (Tatar: Cyrillic Татар энциклопедия сүзлеге, Latin Tatar Ensiklopediä Süzlege; ТЭС, TES) is the first encyclopaedic dictionary published in Tatar language about history of Tatarstan and the Tatar people. The publication is produced by Tatar Encyclopedia Institute of the Republic of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences.

Originally prepared and published in Russian in 1999,[1] Tatar language version of Tatar Encyclopaedic Dictionary was made available in 2002.

…publication of Tatar Encyclopaedic Dictionary is a long-awaited event. This is a materialization of a dream shared by many generations of scientific intelligentsia of our republic, beginning with Qayum Nasiri, Şihabetdin Märcani, Rizaetdin Fäxretdin… We have finally proved that we are capable of developing and publishing such a wonderful reference.
Mintimer Shaimiev, Presentation of Tatar Encyclopedic Dictionary at Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, Kazan, Nov.3, 1999

Tatar Encyclopaedia Institute further started work on developing multi-volume Tatar Encyclopaedia (in Russian - vol.1 in 2002, vol.2 in 2005, vol.3 in 2006, vol.4 in 2008 & vol.5 in 2010: in Tatar - vol.1 in 2008; vol.2 in 2011; vol.3 in 2012), Tatarstan: Illustrated encyclopedia (in Russian, 2013).[2][3] The responsible editor for the encyclopedia is Gamircan S. Sabircanov.

Tatar Encyclopaedia Institute founding director, TES and Tatar Encyclopaedia's founding editor-in-chief M. X. Xäsänov died in 2010.[4]


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