Tank Knights Fortress

Tank Knights Fortress

South Korean on-line game cover
Genre Animation
Directed by Jongsik Nam
Akira Shigino
Voices of Seungjoon Kim
Seonghun Hong
Wonjoon Lee
Moonja Choe
Opening theme The Power No. 1 (1st season, by Cool)
Touch My Heart (2nd season, by Envy)
Ending theme Dream (1st season, by Cool) Stay With Me (2nd season, by Envy)
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean (South Korea)
Japanese (Japan)
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 52
Running time 22–24 minutes
Production company(s) SBS Productions
Distributor Daewon Media
Original network SBS, Animax (South Korea)
TV Tokyo (Japan)
Hero (Philippines)
YOYO TV (Taiwan)
Picture format NTSC (480i)
PAL (576i)
Audio format Stereo
Original release August 6, 2003 – June 17, 2004
Tank Knights Fortress
Hangul 포트리스
Revised Romanization Poteuliseu
McCune–Reischauer P‘ot‘ŭrisŭ

Tank Knights Fortress (Hangul: 포트리스, Poteuliseu in short or 무한 전기 포트 리스, Muhan Jeongi Poteuliseu in full name) is a Korean-Japanese co-produced animated series by SBS Productions, Dong Woo Animation and Daewon Media of South Korea in partnership with SUNRISE, NAS and Bandai Visual of Japan. This animated series being broadcast and shown in the Philippines and Taiwan. It also has an array of original merchandise such as on-line games, toy figures and audio CD soundtrack.


Animation series

The animated series known as Tank Knights Portriss 無限戦記ポトリス (Mugen Senki Potorisu). This show is broadcast in Japanese language on TV Tokyo ran from April 5, 2003 to March 27, 2004. Five months after its Japanese telecast, the Korean language version which being shown on SBS ran from August 6, 2003 to June 17, 2004 with 52 episodes.

On-line Games

One of the most-popular hit animation TV series has motived from South Korea online game developed by AllStar and published by Softzen. Fortress 2 Blue(American name is 'BB Tanks'). BB Tanks has 12 characters what has motived from arms or tanks of the past, present, and future. Tank Knights Fortress has also hero or heroine what motived from 12 characters of game. They are called 'Fortress Knights'. They are transform to human-like robot.

Series Overview

This show revolves around the three Fortress Knights and a human boy named Yuma who are about to shape the Fortress Planet, known as the home where robots live in peace. But the harmony was disrupted because of the sudden presence of a dictator Dark Fortress along with his evil schemes. Now it's up to the Fortriss Knights and Yuma, who accidentally got into the Fortriss Planet, to battle the evil forces maintain peace throughout the Fortress Planet.


Fortress World

Fortress World, and the wounds of war

Fortress of the article rally

Inception of the Story

The Plot

Fortress Infinive Union


Dragon Blue/Karot

Japanese: ドラゴンブルー
Korean: 캐롯

Voiced by: Katsuhiko KAWAMOTO (Japanese)/Seungjoon Kim (Korean)

"Calotte of Blue Dragon". Doragon Blue. The tank where it is honest the justice impression is strong. It is the leader of Fortress Knights . Besides the fact that individual the blue dragon is imitated it has shooting skill necessary, with the barrel and vin rose carry it draws out, cooperation attack "of the sword of triune light" and the "super unlimited union Omega violent bullet” etc. is used. As for the character which becomes the "Calotte Tank".

Tiger Barrel/Duke

Japanese: タイガーバレル
Korean: 듀크

Voiced by: Shunsuke SAKUNO (Japanese)/Seonghun Hong (Korean)

"Duke of White Tiger". White Tiger. At lustful house owner of light character. Also it has been deceived in confession of the fake of Karma. As for the character which becomes "Duke Tank".

Duel Rose/Dig

Japanese: デュエル・ロゼ
Korean: 디그

Voiced by: Chafurin (Japanese)/Wonjoon Lee (Korean)

"Missile Phoenix". Dig. Substance part of missile tank. With the younger brother of the vin rose, you speak in the tone this like the woman. As for the character which becomes the cause "the missile".

Duel Carry/Dag

Japanese: デュエル・キャリー
Korean: 다그

Voiced by: Hiroshi KAMIYA (Japanese)/Moonja Choe (Korean)

"Missile Phoenix". Dag. Missile part of missile tank. With the older brother of carry, you speak in the tone like the woman. As for the character which becomes the cause of "the missile".

Cannon Gum/Cannon

Japanese: キャノンガム
Korean: 캐논

Voiced by:Kenta MIYAKE (Japanese)/Inseong Oh (Korean)

"Minotauros". As for character being bold, it is in the accident at the time of infancy. As for the character which becomes the cause of "CANON".

Cross Dager/Unicorn

Japanese: クロスダーガ Korean: 유니콘

Voiced by: Takuma TAKEWAKA (Japanese)/Seunguk Jeong (Korean)

"The soldier of the forest". (Only 6th story "The cross bow of the unicorn"). Unicorn. As for the character which becomes the cause the "cross bow".

Catapult Patta/Cata

Japanese: カタパルトカタ Korean: 캐터

Voiced by: Fumihiko TACHIKI (Japanese)/Inseong Oh (Korean)

"Catapult of Fortress Military Affairs". Veteran of throwing a stone machine type. As for the character which becomes the cause "the catapult".

Posse Vayoot/Triton

Japanese: ポセバイユート Korean: 트리톤

Voiced by: Masato AMADA (Japanese)/Seunguk Jeong (Korean)

"Man of sea". As for the character which becomes the cause "Poseydon".

Mine Sporken/Vulkhan

Japanese: マインスポーケン Korean: 불칸

Voiced by: Inseong Oh (Korean) / Yutaka AOYAMA (Japanese)

"Wing of intelligence and courage". Chimera. Older brother of Trakhan. As for the character which becomes the cause minelander.

Multi Cocopa/Trakhan

Japanese: マルチココパ Korean: 트라칸

Voiced by: Daisuke KISHIO (Japanese)/Seunguk Jeong (Korean)

"Watch dog of science". Kerberos. Younger brother of Bulkhan. As for the character which becomes the cause "the multi missile".


Japanese: ユウマ
Korean: 유마

Voiced by: Ryoko Shiroishi (Japanese) / Seonju Yi (Korean)

Construction of a human boy popped through the warped space. Tate lost all memory of the past is unknown. Fortress as articles and fusion, the mechanism and unity, will become a special ability. Tianjin nanman, curious nature, hostile to the Dark Fortress bultaewoomyeonseodo other hand, enjoys traveling with Fortress article seems to be shaved. Ability to fuse with that machine, Yuma was a mutant, because the man in the world is dominated by the giant computer in his country's afraid of him, while all of his memories erased them tossed out of space. Yuma eat the fruit.

Other characters

Production Staff


  1. Fortress Knights, arrival at the Dark City!
  2. the Strongest Weapon Black Dragon!
  3. Duel of Mine!
  4. the wastleland kinght, Cannon!
  5. Yuma is endanger!
  6. Kinght of solitude, Unicorn
  7. Friendship of wandering Knight
  8. Jadis, her challenge
  9. Man of the sea, Triton
  10. Pride of the Fortress Knights
  11. Secreat of the underground camp
  12. Sudden mission, destroy the Dark Mega Tank
  13. Protect the Grasia!
  14. Betraier's homeland!
  15. Armed corps of Vision!
  16. Yuma is predictor?
  17. Bridge of the Orimo River
  18. Fortress Knights's TV appearance!
  19. Shadow hunter, Deathmender!
  20. The brusting of anger!
  21. Timid Pipo
  22. the spy who I loved
  23. the truth of survival!
  24. the cursed Pyramid
  25. the secret of fusion energy
  26. Fortress super rise
  27. the Superspace-time operation
  28. the Discarded thing by someone who courgeous
  29. Today's friend, tomorrow's enemy
  30. the Battle between themselves
  31. Back-draft
  32. Dr. Kimbal Shrunk The Fortress Knights
  33. the Undissuadeble Marco
  34. the Silent Hill
  35. Charge, old man!
  36. We believe, Freud
  37. Super Express!
  38. the Fearful incarnation opponent! Red Dragon
  39. the Day when decisive battle happened
  40. Dark City, the last attack
  41. the Battle between dragons
  42. The secret of Stranger
  43. Stranger VS stranger
  44. the Last Thing what he have to do
  45. Large Escape! Dark Troop Three Staff
  46. the Race on the snowfield
  47. the Rebellion of Black Dragon
  48. the Choice of Black Dragon
  49. The Last scramble between components
  50. the Revival of the Great Dark Evil Dragon
  51. the Death of Stranger?
  52. Dark Fortress! the last judgment



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