Tall Timber (1928 film)

Tall Timber
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series
Directed by Walt Disney
Produced by George Winkler
Story by Walt Disney
Animation by Ub Iwerks
Hugh Harman
Studio The Walt Disney Studio
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 9 July 1928
Color process Black and white
Running time 7 min
Language English
Preceded by The Fox Chase
Followed by Sleigh Bells

Tall Timber is a 1928 silent animated short film starring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and is the 23rd in the series. In terms of production, the film was for many years the last extant Oswald cartoon directed by Walt Disney; until late 2015, when Sleigh Bells, the Oswald cartoon made after Tall Timber, was rediscovered.

Plot summary

Oswald was canoeing down a rough river. Upon reaching his destination, which is the lake, Oswald brought out his rifle and decides to go duck hunting. The ducks, however, were quite clever, and Oswald ends up shooting a hole in his boat, thus sinking it. Fortunately, he was unintendedly brought to dry ground by a moose.

While walking downhill, Oswald was being chased by a boulder. His efforts to outrun the large rock were in vain as it rammed him flat against a tree. In an attempt to restore his normal shape, Oswald dropped a smaller rock on top of him. This resulted in him having a more spherical physique, making it difficult for him to walk.

As he went walking, Oswald stumbled and started tumbling on the ground. In his path, two bear cubs were drinking syrup from maple trees. The rolling rabbit ran into one of them, causing that bear to be thrown upward. The cub's fall was cushioned when the Oswald rolled back. Amazed by Oswald's bloated shape and bouncy qualities, the bears began using him as a trampoline. Not willing to share with each other, the bears started pulling Oswald from opposite sides, stretching him back to his original form. Annoyed by their antics, Oswald chased one of the bears to what looks like a tree stump. The stump turned out to be the mother of bears who then chases Oswald into a cave. Upon entering the cave, Oswald and the big bear went into a tussle. Ironically, the big bear came out with no fur on its torso and runs in embarrassment. Oswald, however, comes out wearing the big bear's fur like a jacket and celebrates with a cigar.

Home media

The short is available in a 2-disc DVD title as part of the Walt Disney Treasures: Wave Seven.

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