Take Me in Your Arms (film)

Take Me in Your Arms
Directed by Julio Bracho
Produced by Guillermo Calderón
Pedro Arturo Calderón
Written by José Carbo
Julio Bracho
Starring Ninón Sevilla
Armando Silvestre
Carlos Lopez Moctezuma
Andrea Palma
Music by Manuel Esperóno
Antonio Diaz Conde
Cinematography Gabriel Figueroa
Distributed by Producciones Calderón
Release dates
  • April 30, 1954 (1954-04-30)
Running time
98 min.
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Take Me in Your Arms (in Spanish Llévame en tus brazos) is a 1954 Mexican Drama film directed by Julio Bracho. Starred by Ninón Sevilla and Armando Silvestre.


In a little fisher's village in the Papaloapan River lives the fisher Pedro (Andrés Soler) and his two daughters Rita (Ninón Sevilla) and Martha (Rosenda Monteros). Rita loves a young man named José (Armando Silvestre) who has been fired from a sugar mill for organizing a strike. So, he and Rita can't marry soon. After a good fishing, all in the town celebrate a party. But Don Antonio (Julio Villarreal), the owner of the sugar mill, comes to collect Pedro the money that he lent him for a boat. As Pedro can't pay him, Don Antonio asks as pay to one of his daughters. Rita listens and she decides to go with Don Antonio to save her father and her sister. Before leaving, Rita makes love with José. When she leaves, José thinks that she has left him.


Production notes

As a superstar, the Cuban rumbera Ninón Sevilla asked to Producciones Calderón to call again Gabriel Figueroa as her photograph and Julio Bracho, one of the most prestigious filmmakers in Mexico, to direct her. The result was good: Take Me in Your Arms is a film that has grown over time as Adventuress, Victims of Sin and Sensuality. The film, which was shot with the binomial Ninón-Bracho, is a melodrama of bitter family feuds and vendettas, by a filmmaker on the crest of the wave, in the height of his success. There is everything: landowners, fishermen, sinister union leaders, impossible love; a young lady deceived and sexually abused. The whole conflict was dominated by great personalities: Carlos Lopez Moctezuma, Andrea Palma, Rodolfo Acosta, Andrés Soler and Ninon Sevilla as an ingenuous young girl dragged by a whirlwind of calamities.[1]


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