Takara Holdings

Takara Holdings is a Japanese company based in Kyoto. The company is mainly involved in the production of beverages, food, travel, printing, medical supplies, and computer systems.[1]


Takara Bio

Subsidiaries of Takara Bio Inc. include Clontech Laboratories, a Mountain View, California-based manufacturer of materials for biological research formerly owned by Becton Dickinson,[2] as well as regional subsidiaries in Japan, Korea, China, and the US. In 2007, Clontech was involved in litigation with Invitrogen over patents for RNase H minus reverse transcriptase.[3]

Takara Shuzo

Takara Shuzo Co. produces sake, other beverages, and seasonings. This division comprises the original business; the holding company including it was formed in 2001.[4] Takara Shuzo also owns the Tomatin distillery of Highland single malt scotch whisky. Takara Shuzo Co. is the largest distiller of traditional shochu liquor in Japan. [5]


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