2014 TVB Anniversary Awards

TV Awards Presentation 2014
Date 15 December 2014
Location Hong Kong
Hosted by Carol Cheng
Amigo Choi
Jerry Lamb
Television/Radio coverage
Network Jade
Produced by TVB

The 2014 TVB Anniversary Awards (Traditional Chinese: 萬千星輝頒獎典禮2014), officially known as the TV Awards Presentation 2014, took place on Monday December 15, 2014. The ceremony was hosted by Carol Cheng, Amigo Choi and Jerry Lamb.

TV drama Line Walker was the biggest winner of the night, with a total of 5 awards. The series won the Best Drama Award of 2014. Best Actress and My Favourite Female Character were awarded to Charmaine Sheh for her performance as Ding Jie (釘姐). Benz Hui as Foon Hei Gor (歡喜哥) won My Favourite Male Character. Most Popular Series Song, a new award category since 2014, was given to the subtheme Love Is Not Easy (越難越愛) of Line Walker. Jinny Ng performed the song live on stage.

Charmaine Sheh is the third actress to win a second Best Actress Award, leading with Liza Wang and Sheren Tang. She also became the first actress to be crowned double TV Queen for a second time - winning both Best Actress and Favourite Female Character-, after her first in 2006 for Maidens' Vow. Roger Kwok won his third Best Actor, making him tie with Gallen Lo and Wayne Lai. Best Supporting Actor went to Ram Chiang 蔣志光 and Best Supporting Actress to Josie Ho.
One of the most memorable moments of the show was when Ram Chiang decided to sing a cappella during his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor. Another highlight was Julian (Chilam) Cheung taking a selfie with Roger Kwok after he presented him the Best Actor Award. The viewing rate of this ceremony reached its highest points when Liza Wang was presenting the Best Actress Award to Charmaine Sheh.

After the Award show on Monday, four episodes of the TVB Anniversary Awards Victors Corner (萬千星輝頒獎典禮 王者駕到) were broadcast each night from Tuesday to Friday. In each episode, Carol Cheng interviews the winner(s) by reviewing their acting experience. In the first episode, Best Actress winner Charmaine Sheh was happily surprised to have her best friends and her mother for showing up at the interview. In the second episode, multiple friends of Best Actor Roger Kwok were invited. The third interview with Ram Chiang, Benz Hui and Louis Cheung for the Male Awards categories (Best Supporting, My Favourite Character and Most Improved). The last interview with Josie Ho and Priscilla Wong for winning the Female Awards (Best Supporting and Most Improved).

On the same day, prior to the TVB Awards Presentation, Mainland China Most Popular TVB Series Male and Female Artiste 2014 were announced. Bosco Wong won with 30% of all votes for Most Popular Male Artist and Charmaine Sheh with 37% of all votes for Most Popular Female Artiste.


  1. 19:30-20:00: TVB Anniversary Awards Pre-Show (東張西望 萬千星輝頒獎典禮 最強列陣)
  2. 20:00-22:30: TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation 2014 (萬千星輝頒獎典禮2014)
  3. 22:30-23:00: TVB Anniversary Awards Champions (東張西望 萬千星輝頒獎典禮 王者誕生)
  1. Dec 16: Episode 1 - Charmaine Sheh
  2. Dec 17: Episode 2 - Roger Kwok
  3. Dec 18: Episode 3 - Ram Chiang, Benz Hui, Louis Cheung
  4. Dec 19: Episode 4 - Josie Ho, Priscilla Wong

Viewership ratings

Date Average points Peaking points
TVB Anniversary Awards Pre-Show Dec 15, 2014 26 30
TVB Anniversary Awards Presentation 31 34(*)
TVB Anniversary Awards Champions 23 28
TVB Anniversary Awards Victors Corner Dec 16-19, 2014 17 31

(*)Peaking viewing rate when Liza Wang was presenting the Best Actress Award.

Winners list

Category Winner
Best DramaLine Walker
Best ActorRoger Kwok
Best ActressCharmaine Sheh
Best Supporting ActorRam Chiang
Best Supporting ActressJosie Ho
My Favourite Male CharacterBenz Hui 覃歡喜 (歡喜哥) Chum Foon Hei (Foon Hei Gor)
My Favourite Female CharacterCharmaine Sheh丁小嘉 (釘姐) Ting Siu Ka (Ding Jie)
Most Improved Male ArtistLouis Cheung
Most Improved Female ArtistePriscilla Wong
Best HostsNancy Sit, Wong Cho LamWalk the Walk, Talk the Talk
Best Variety ProgramWalk the Walk, Talk the Talk
Best Enrichment ProgramGuardians of Life 2
Best Special ProgramA Time of Love
Professional Actor AwardsChu Wai Tak,
So Yan Chi,
Lee Ka Ting,
Law Lok Lam,
Ram Chiang
Lifetime Achievement AwardTam Ping Man

Nomination and Winners

Categories voting by professional judges (50%) and by public (50%): Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Drama.

Best Actor


TV Drama Actor Role
01Gilded ChopsticksWong Cho Lam高天寶
02Gilded ChopsticksBen Wong胤 禛
03Storm in a CocoonSteven Ma潘家揚
04Ruse of EngagementRuco Chan莊有正
05The Ultimate AddictionBosco Wong卓 彧
06Ghost Dragon of Cold MountainKenneth Ma朱長勝
07Black Heart White SoulRoger Kwok高哲行
08Black Heart White SoulRon Ng張立勳
09Line WalkerMichael Miu卓 凱
10Line WalkerRaymond Lam薛家強
11Tomorrow is Another DayLawrence Ng文上升
12Tiger Cubs IIJoe Ma展瀚韜
13Tiger Cubs IIHim Law俞學禮
14OverachieversWayne Lai蔣 元
15OverachieversRaymond Wong Ho-yin鍾曉陽
Actor TV Drama Total votes
Professional judges
(of 50%)
Public vote
(of 50%)
Award presenter
Roger Kwok Black Heart White Soul 66.25 50.00
(1st place)
(1st place)
Julian Cheung

Best Actress


TV Drama Actress Role
01Coffee Cat MamaMichelle Yim馬思雅
02Outbound LoveAimee Chan羅式適
03Queen DivasNancy Sit何少蘭
04Gilded ChopsticksJoey Meng紀慕雪
05Storm in a CocoonTavia Yeung唐冰冰
06Swipe Tap LovePriscilla Wong茹初見
07Ghost Dragon of Cold MountainSelena Li桃 花/殷媚娘
08Black Heart White SoulKristal Tin譚美貞
09Rear MirrorLouisa So饒毅昕
10Line WalkerCharmaine Sheh丁小嘉
11All That Is Bitter Is SweetLinda Chung杜佳期
12Tomorrow is Another DayKate Tsui姚愛嘉
13Come On, CousinIvana Wong林 雪
14OverachieversMaggie Shiu關花拉
15OverachieversNancy Wu丁漫姿
Actress TV Drama Total votes
Professional judges
(of 50%)
Public vote
(of 50%)
Award presenter
Charmaine Sheh Line Walker 78.60 50.00
(1st place)
(1st place)
Liza Wang

Best Drama


TV Drama
01Come Home Love
02Return of the Silver Tongue
03Coffee Cat Mama
04Outbound Love
05Queen Divas
06Gilded Chopsticks
07Storm in a Cocoon
08Ruse of Engagement
09Swipe Tap Love
10Never Dance Alone
11The Ultimate Addiction
12Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain
13Black Heart White Soul
14Shades of Life
15Rear Mirror
16Line Walker
17All That Is Bitter Is Sweet
18Tomorrow is Another Day
19Tiger Cubs II
20Come On, Cousin
TV Drama Total votes
Professional judges
(of 50%)
Public vote
(of 50%)
Award presenter
Line Walker 61.90 41.60
(1st place)
(1st place)
Chung King Fai (King Sir)

Categories 100% vote by public : My favourite Male Character, My Favourite Female Character and Most Popular Series Song.

My Favourite Male Character


TV Drama Actor Role
01Outbound LoveRuco Chan陸恭梓 Luk Kung Tsz
02Storm in a CocoonSteven Ma潘家揚 Poon Ka Yeung
03The Ultimate AddictionBosco Wong卓彧 Damon Cheuk Yuk
04Ghost Dragon of Cold MountainKenneth Ma朱長勝 Chu Cheung Sing
05Black Heart White SoulRoger Kwok高哲行 Matt Ko Chit Hang
06Black Heart White SoulRon Ng張立勳 Funny Cheung Lap Fan
07Black Heart White SoulLouis Cheung馬啟源 Marco Ma Kai Yuen
08Line WalkerMichael Miu卓凱 (卓Sir) Cheuk Hoi
09Line WalkerRaymond Lam薛家強 (爆Seed) Sit Ka Keung
10Line WalkerBenz Hui覃歡喜 (歡喜哥) Chum Foon Hei
11Tomorrow is Another DayLawrence Ng文上升 Man Seung Sing
12Tomorrow is Another DayVincent Wong喬正橋 Kiu Ching Kiu
13Tiger Cubs IIJoe Ma展瀚韜 Chin Hon To
14Come On, CousinWong Cho Lam尤田 Yau Tin
15OverachieversWayne Lai蔣元 Mike Chiang Yuen
Actor Role Public votes Award presenter
Benz Hui 覃歡喜
Chum Foon Hei
in Line Walker
62,705 Carol Cheng

My Favourite Female Character


TV Drama Actress Role
01Coffee Cat MamaMichelle Yim馬思雅 Marcia Ma Si Nga
02Outbound LoveAimee Chan羅式適 Law Sik Sik
03Queen DivasNancy Sit何少蘭 Ho Siu Lan
04Storm in a CocoonTavia Yeung唐冰冰 Tong Bing Bing
05Swipe Tap LovePriscilla Wong茹初見 Yu Chor Gin
06Ghost Dragon of Cold MountainSelena Li桃花 Tou Fa / 殷媚娘 Yan Mei Neong
07Black Heart White SoulKristal Tin譚美貞 May Tam Mei Ching
08Rear MirrorLouisa So饒毅昕 Anson Yiu Ngai Yan
09Line WalkerCharmaine Sheh丁小嘉 (釘姐) Ting Siu Ka
10Tomorrow is Another DayJosie Ho丁好好 Ting Ho Ho
11Tiger Cubs IILinda Chung鍾韋恩 Chung Wai Yan
12Tiger Cubs IIMandy Wong蘇文強 So Man Keung
13Come On, CousinIvana Wong林雪 Lam Suet
14OverachieversSusanna Kwan李秋萍 Lee Chau Ping
15OverachieversNancy Wu丁漫姿 Mandy Ting Man Chi
Actress Role Public votes Award presenter
Charmaine Sheh 丁小嘉
Ting Siu Ka
in Line Walker
75,171 Carol Cheng

Most Popular Series Song


Song Singer(s) TV Drama
01真實謊言Susanna KwanOverachievers
02投降吧Fred ChengOverachievers
03世界仔Louis YuenCome On, Cousin
04血與汗Joe MaTiger Cubs II
05再戰明天Alfred HuiTomorrow is Another Day
06枷鎖Linda ChungTomorrow is Another Day
07心藥Teresa CheungAll That is Bitter is Sweet
08大愛Linda ChungAll That Is Bitter Is Sweet
09行者Justin Lo, Wilfred LauLine Walker
10越難越愛Jinny NgLine Walker
11高攀Hubert WuRear Mirror
12我們的天空Hoffman Cheng, Ronald Law, Yao Bin, Kevin TongShades of Life
13灰色命運Hoffman Cheng, Ronald LawBlack Heart White Soul
14如初Louis CheungBlack Heart White Soul
15歸途Fred ChengGhost Dragon of Cold Mountain
16她最好Grace WongGhost Dragon of Cold Mountain
17考驗Fred ChengThe Ultimate Addiction
18棋逢敵手Hubert Wu, Kate TsuiThe Ultimate Addiction
19護航Alfred HuiJourney to the West
20星斗群Shirley Kwan, Mag LamNever Dance Alone
21Let's DanceAnjaylia Chan, Cheronna Ng, Winki Lai, Kandy Wong, Venus Wong, Annice NgNever Dance Alone
22友誼Elvina KongNever Dance Alone
23愛我請留言Jinny NgSwipe Tap Love
24千鈞一髮Ron Ng, Ruco ChanRuse of Engagement
25天意Steven MaStorm in a Cocoon
26想起你Jinny NgStorm in a Cocoon
27忠臣Wong Cho Lam, Stephanie HoGilded Chopsticks
28離人淚Louis CheungGilded Chopsticks
29喜氣洋洋Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Ngo Ka Nin, Evergreen Mak, Jonathan Wong, Rosanne LuiQueen Divas
30很想討厭你Lin Xia WeiOutbound Love
31差半步Ruco ChanOutbound Love
32鬥快Hubert WuCoffee Cat Mama
33兩句Kristal TinFred ChengReturn of the Silver Tongue
34擁抱愛Joyce ChengCome Home Love
35小天使的話Auston LamCome Home Love
36不再說謊Auston LamCome Home Love
Top 3
Song Singer Drama
投降吧Fred ChengOverachievers
越難越愛Jinny NgLine Walker
護航Alfred HuiJourney to the West
Song Singer Public votes Award presenter
Love Is Not Easy
of Line Walker
Jinny Ng 42,935 Carol Cheng

Categories voting by professional judges and by employed artists: Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Most Improved Male Artist, Most Improved Female Artiste.

Best Supporting Actor


TV Drama Actor Role
01Return of the Silver TongueEvergreen Mak夏侯武/夏侯勇
02Outbound LoveTony Hung錢 進
03Storm in a CocoonElliot Yue潘永年
04Swipe Tap LoveEddie Kwan黃金貴
05Never Dance AloneLawrence Cheng黃國樑
06Black Heart White SoulLouis Cheung馬啟源
07Line WalkerBenz Hui覃歡喜
08Line WalkerOscar Leung張木榮
09Tomorrow is Another DayVincent Wong喬正橋
10Tomorrow is Another DayKenny Wong翁偉晉
11Tomorrow is Another DayPal Sinn葉世響
12Come On, CousinRam Chiang高 音
13OverachieversPower Chan李秋芹
14OverachieversEdwin Siu袁小田
15OverachieversRaymond Cho蔣 昇
Actor Role Award presenter
Ram Chiang 高音
in Come On, Cousin
Elena Kong

Best Supporting Actress


TV Drama Actress Role
01Outbound LoveLin Xia Wei程展禛
02Gilded ChopsticksNancy Wu年若碧
03Ruse of EngagementLouise Lee唐淑芬
04Never Dance AloneEliza Sam湯嘉麗
05Black Heart White SoulBecky Lee趙敏暉
06Black Heart White SoulLeanne Li施嘉莉
07Shades of LifeOceane Zhu王美芬
08Line WalkerSharon Chan莫羨昕
09Line WalkerElena Kong莫羨晴
10Line WalkerSamantha Ko林希微
11All That Is Bitter Is SweetNatalie Tong許君約
12Tomorrow is Another DayJosie Ho丁好好
13Tiger Cubs IIMandy Wong蘇文強
14OverachieversSusanna Kwan李秋萍
15OverachieversGrace Chan蔣 勵
Actress Role Award presenter
Josie Ho 丁好好
in Tomorrow is Another Day
Benz Hui

Most Improved Male Artist


Actor Participated in
01Sammy SumLine Walker
All That is Bitter is Sweet
02Tony HungOutbound Love
Swipe Tap Love
Rear Mirror
Pilgrimage to Football Meccas
03Louis CheungGilded Chopsticks
Black Heart White Soul
Come On, Cousin
The Voice 4
04Jason ChanICAC Investigators 2014
Black Heart White Soul
Shades of Life
Dolce Vita
Quit to Win
05Matt YeungCome Home Love
Outbound Love
Storm in a Cocoon
Black Heart White Soul
Shades of Life
Actor Participated in Award presenters
Louis Cheung Gilded Chopsticks
Black Heart White Soul
Come On, Cousin
The Voice 4
Vincent Wong
Eliza Sam

Most Improved Female Artiste


Actress Participated in
01Lin Xia WeiOutbound Love
Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain
02Samantha KoCome Home Love
Outbound Love
Line Walker
All That is Bitter is Sweet
03Grace ChanOrganized Dining
Pok Oi Charity Show
TVB Anniversary Gala
04Jacqueline WongThe Ultimate Addiction
Tomorrow is Another Day
Explore Japan - Rail & Drive
Sidewalk Scientist
05Priscilla WongReturn of the Silver Tongue
Swipe Tap Love
The Conquerors
Pilgrimage to Football Meccas
Chef Minor
Actress Participated in Award presenters
Priscilla Wong Return of the Silver Tongue
Swipe Tap Love
The Conquerors
Pilgrimage to Football Meccas
Chef Minor
Vincent Wong
Eliza Sam

Best Host


TV Program Host(s)
01Big Boys ClubBob Lam, Oscar Leung, Penny Chan, Jonathan Wong, Ricky Fan
02I Am BossSammy Leung, Ong Yi Hing
03Good Chep Eats 2Maria Cordero, Luk Ho Ming
04Pilgrimage to Football MeccasTony Hung, Priscilla Wong
05Street Sorcerers 2Bob Lam, Oscar Leung, Whitney Hui, Anjaylia Chan
06Walk the Walk, Talk the TalkNancy Sit, Wong Cho Lam
07Queen's FeastLiza Wang、Amigo Choi
08Neighborhood Treasures (Sr. 6)Sammy LeungKitty Yuen
09Guardians of LifeLawrence Ng
10The Voice 4Sammy LeungLouis Cheung
TV Program Hosts Award presenters
Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk Nancy Sit, Wong Cho Lam Priscilla Wong
Tony Hung

Best Variety Program


TV Program
01The Conquerors
02Street Sorcerers 2
03Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk
04Queen's Feast
05The Voice 4
TV Program Award Presenters
Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk Johnson Lee
Myolie Wu

Best Enrichment Program


TV Program
01Good Cheap Eats 2
02Pilgrimage to Football Meccas
03As I Drift
04Guardians of Life 2
05Working Golden Holidays
TV Program Award presenters
Guardians of Life 2 Johnson Lee
Myolie Wu

Best Special Program


TV Program
01J.S.G. Awards Presentation 2013
02A Time of Love
03Miss Chinese International Pegeant 2014
04Miss Hong Kong Pegeant 2014
05TVB Anniversary Gala
TV Program Award presenter
A Time of Love Natalis Chan

Professional Actor Awards


Actor/Actress Award presenter
  1. Chu Wai Tak 朱維德
  2. So Yan Chi 蘇恩磁
  3. Lee Ka TIng 李家鼎
  4. Law Lok Lam 羅樂林
  5. Ram Chiang 蔣志光

Lifetime Achievement Award


Receiver Award presenter
Tam Ping Man 譚炳文 Norman Leung 梁乃鵬

Mainland China Most Popular TVB Series Artistes

Mainland China Most Popular TVB Series Male / Female Artiste 2014

Winner votes
Bosco Wong30% of the votes for Mainland China Most Popular Male Artist
Charmaine Sheh37% of the votes for Mainland China Most Popular Female Artist

Record holders

List of winners in other TVB Award Shows

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