TTA (codec)

For the unrelated ASIC called TrueAudio, see AMD TrueAudio.
True Audio
Developer(s) Aleksander Djourik
Stable release
3.4.1 / July 26, 2007
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Audio codec, encoder
License GPL
True Audio Codec
Filename extension .tta
Internet media type audio/x-tta[1]
Type of format Audio
Standard Specification

True Audio is a lossless compressor for multichannel 8, 16 and 24 bits audio data. .tta is the extension to filenames of audio files created by the True Audio codec.

Codec overview

True Audio compresses up to 30% of the original, broadly similar to FLAC and APE. It features a real-time encoding and decoding algorithm and hardware compression support. As with most other lossless codecs, plugins are available for most media players.

TTA performs lossless compression on multichannel 8, 16 and 24 bit data of uncompressed wav input files. The term "lossless" refers to the fact that such compression results in no data or quality loss; when decompressed, the audio file data are bit-identical to those of their originals. Compression ratios achieved by the TTA codec vary, depending on music type, but range from 30% to 70% of the original. The TTA lossless compressed audio format supports both ID3v1/ID3v2 information tags and APEv2.

The TTA lossless audio codec allows for the storage of up to 20 audio CDs worth of music on a single DVD-R, retaining the original CD quality audio, plus detailed information in the ID3 tag format.

All TTA source code and binaries are freely available and distributed under GPL Open Source licenses.

Software support

Listed below is software that has TTA format support:

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
Name Description Platform
cmus console based audio player, through FFmpeg Linux
DeaDBeeF audio player, native support Linux
mpd audio player daemon, native support Linux
Audacious audio player, native support Cross-platform
Gstreamer-based players for example, Rhythmbox, Clementine Cross-platform
VLC Media Player media player, native support Cross-platform
XMMS2 audio player, native support Cross-platform
AIMP audio player, native support Windows
DirectShow-based players for example, Windows Media Player, CorePlayer Windows
foobar2000 audio player, supported through plug-in Windows
jetAudio multimedia player, native support Windows
MediaMonkey audio player, supported through plug-in Windows
K-Multimedia Player multimedia player, native support Windows
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema media player, native support Windows
Winamp audio player, supported through plug-in Windows
Konvertor audio player, converter, native support Windows
Spider audio player, native support Windows
GoneMAD Music Player audio player, through FFmpeg Android
XMPlay audio player, supported through plug-in Windows
Vox (since v2.1) audio player, native support OSX
Xion Audio Player audio player Windows

Hardware support

The following media devices are compatible with the TTA audio format:

Manufacturer Model
Cowon Systems Cowon O2 PMP
Cowon Systems Cowon A3 PMP
Cowon Systems Cowon V5 PMP
Syabas Technology Popcorn Hour A-200
Syabas Technology Popcorn Hour A-210
Syabas Technology Popcorn Hour C-200
Multiple Audio players that run Rockbox [2]

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