TMF Flanders

Launched 3 October 1998
Closed 1 November 2015
Network VIMN Belgium
Owned by Viacom International Media Networks Northern Europe
Picture format 16:9 576i (SDTV)
Slogan Totally Yours!
Country Belgium
Broadcast area Flanders
Headquarters Antwerp
Replaced by Comedy Central going 24 Hours
Sister channel(s) Comedy Central
Nick Jr.
Nick Hits
(channel space shared with Comedy Central)
Available on all cable systems Check local listings for channels
Telenet Digital TV Channel 36 (Flanders)
Channel 126 (Brussels)
Numericable Channel 270
Telenet Check your local listings at
Voo (Brussels) Channel TBA
Belgacom TV Channel 160 (Flanders)
Channel 187 (Brussels & Wallonia)
SNOW Channel TBA
Scarlet Channel 160 (Flanders)
Channel 187 (Brussels & Wallonia)
Streaming media
Yelo TV Watch Live
TV Overal Watch Live

TMF was a Flemish (Dutch spoken) television station operating from Antwerp, Zaventem (sales) and Stockholm (broadcast) which mainly shows popmusic videoclips. TMF is an abbreviation of "The Music Factory". TMF was operated by Viacom International Media Networks.

It started as TMF Vlaanderen in 1998, mainly due to the success of the eponymous Dutch music television channel. The station began broadcasting on October 3, 1998. TMF Flanders is owned by MTV Networks Benelux.

The recordings of TMF Flanders occurred mainly in the Eurocam Media Center in Lint, there was until mid-2013 also established the parent company.


On May 1, 1995 TMF Nederland was started and was thus in Netherlands the first video channel. The station was initially not successful but that changed very quickly.

With the success TMF Flanders was launched on October 3, 1998. TMF Flanders was the first Flemish channels that broadcast video clips. VJs of the first hour included Stijn Smets, Yasmine, Inge Moerenhout and Katja Retsin. The broadcasts of TMF Flanders were recorded in the early years in the same building as TMF Nederland.

On 22 October 1999, the first were TMF Awards in Flanders held following the Dutch TMF Awards. TMF had in the early years, the number 9 called TMF, that was because in the Netherlands preference was to put TMF on channel 9. In 2002, the TMF shares were acquired by MTV Networks and disappeared 9 from the logo. in 2002 TMF in England was also launched. In late October 2009, it was replaced by VIVA, a similar music channel in Germany which is since 2004 owned by MTV Networks.

From 1 April 2003 to 15 February 2004 there was Nickelodeon on TMF between 6am and 11am. Nickelodeon is a kids channel with series such as SpongeBob SquarePants. There was then a Belgian legislation banning TV channels for five minutes before and after a children's program to broadcast advertising, so the channel sent video clips between programs. On February 16, 2004 Nickelodeon moved to the channel of MTV Europe and was sharing a channel with MTV Flanders. In the early years this was still the Dutch MTV and Nickelodeon but that has evolved over the years into a Flemish MTV and Nickelodeon.

In 2005, TMF Nederland launched three digital TMF channels: TMF NL, TMF Pure and TMF Dance (then TMF Party). The latter was the only one that was shown at the digital operators in Flanders.

On March 30, 2007, MTV was completely renovated and the original TMF letters were put into a red sphere with a white border. For the rest, most programs were provided with a new look and sends it since the successful series of South Park from.

In November 2007, TMF in Australia was launched. In November 2010, TMF has been replaced by MTV Hits Australia.

On Tuesday, 4 December 2007, the channel "TMF Live HD" was launched and that was a first in Europe for the first time could see a youth music channel in 'high definition' quality. There is footage of the TMF Awards, TMF Cafes, MTV Unplugged sessions, VH1 Storytellers concerts and the MTV Europe Music Awards broadcast. TMF Live HD was seen in the HD Plus package indi. In February 2009 MTVNHD came to Flanders and this station was the station TMF Live HD put. Eventually, on April 1, 2009 the program back this time exclusively in the basic offering of Belgacom TV. On 31 July 2010, was the last broadcast of TMF Live HD and stopped the channel existence.

Since Wednesday, December 22, 2010, they send as MTV Flanders in programs in 16:9 format.

On November 4, 2010 it was announced that the Dutch TMF cable will disappear and only will still be viewed on digital TV. Since 1 January 2011 TMF was still only to see from 6 to 15 hours. Since April 3, 2011 at 3pm broadcasts stopped via cable. TMF was still only to see on the Internet, but again 24 to 24 hours. Also digital stations continued broadcasting. On August 2, 2011 it was announced that TMF will stop on 1 September, including all digital channels. TMF Flanders have been no influence. The only thing that changes is that TMF Dance no longer be seen in Flanders, the station had been since February 2011 stopped at Telenet, a little later followed other digital operators.

On October 3, 2011, exactly 13 years after the start of the channel, TMF again underwent a renovation. Hereby the entire production team was put on the door and moved to Scandinavia. The direct consequence is that there are only a limited number of local (presented) programs will be created, which also cuts in the screen faces. Since April 2012 no programs are more hosted by VJs. The mobile network TMF Mobile will end in May 2012 put stop after 5 years. In June 2013, TMF had a market share of 1.4% that the station remains stable.

Since 2011 the channel profiles itself as an interactive music channel, relying heavily on onscreen chat (Photochat, TMF Interactive) and vote programs (Get The Clip, What's Next).

In 2012 it dropped all presented programming; since then there are no more VJ's on the channel (with the exception of the Wereldhit series)

End of November 2013, TMF has hit the headlines since the program 'Hot or Not' cyberbullying would invite. Thereupon TMF decided that it is no longer possible to add comments. In late January, the program would disappear entirely from the pipe.

On 20 January 2014, Comedy Central was launched in Flanders and started as a programming block on the channel; airing daily between 10 pm and midnight. The broadcasting hours of TMF were reduced so that Comedy Central could broadcast every evening between 22 and 24 hours on the channel of TMF. On October 5, 2015, Viacom announced that TMF will stop broadcasting om November 1, 2015. Thereby two Flemish youth channels (TMF and competitor JIM) disappears in a short time. From November 1, 2015 Comedy Central takes over the whole channel. Thereby the last TMF stops now and the brand completely disappears after 20 years.[1][2]


Stijn Smets is the only presenter to see since the beginning of the channel. Other VJs are Sofie Engelen (since 2006), Jo Hens (since 2010) and Joëlle-Chloe Edelman (since 2011).

"VJs" who already disappeared now from the screen are: Yasmine (1998-2000), Inge Moerenhout (1998-2000), Katja Retsin (1998-2002), Roos Van Acker (1999-2001), Gene Thomas (1999-2001), Evi Hanssen (2001-2003), Elke Vanelderen (2001-2003), Caren Meynen (2001-2008), Saartje Vandendriessche (2002-2003), Karoline Kamosi (2003-2004), An Lemmens (2003-2007), Michael Lecocq (2004-2007), Chantal De Smedt (2004-2006), Anke Buckinx (2004-2006), Sean D'Hondt (2005-2009), Olivier Coumans (2003-2010), Wendy Huyghe (2006-2010), Astrid Demeure (2008-2011) and Lotte Caers (2009-2011).

Also Werner Desmedt, Koen Schepens, Mathias Coppens (2000), Dieter Coppens (2000), Jeroen VandenBosch (2001-2003), Bart Maegh (2001-2003), Frank Molnar (2004-2008), Jeroen De Pauw (2007, 2008, 2009), Murielle Scherre (2008), Richard 'Skate The Great' Simon (2008-2009), Fatty K (2008), Otto-Jan Ham (2008-2010) and Astrid Roelants (2009) presented their own program on TMF.

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