For the surname, see Türkoğlu (surname).
Coordinates: TR 37°23′29″N 36°51′08″E / 37.39139°N 36.85222°E / 37.39139; 36.85222Coordinates: TR 37°23′29″N 36°51′08″E / 37.39139°N 36.85222°E / 37.39139; 36.85222
Country  Turkey
Province Kahramanmaraş
  Mayor Mustafa Taşhan (AKP)
  Kaymakam Atila Kantay
  District 599.63 km2 (231.52 sq mi)
Elevation 490 m (1,610 ft)
Population (2012)[2]
  Urban 15,262
  District 66,546
  District density 110/km2 (290/sq mi)
Post code 46800
Website www.turkoglu.bel.tr

Türkoğlu is a town and district of Kahramanmaraş Province in the Mediterranean region of Turkey.


The history of Türkoğlu is nearly 160 years. The before name of Türkoğlu was Eloğlu (Stranger or son-in-law). The reasons of the naming were based on various accounts. These are: 1. The history of the town is so new that neighbor towns called the new residents "eloğlu" (stranger) 2."El" word means "state" in Ottoman Language. The early residents of the town were settled by state, then "el" (state) and oğlu (son)were combined under the name of Eloğlu (El+oğlu=Eloğlu=the son of state). In the end of the First World War, Kahramanmaraş (is the administrative capital of Türkoğlu)was invaded by French Army. Türkoğlu is on the way of Kahramanmaraş, then it was exposed to invasion and atrocities of French army. The name of Türkoğlu was changed with Eloğlu in 1960 and converted from town to district.


Türkoğlu has a very rich industry capacity in respect to textile, steel cooker, pepper, and sub-industries of these occupations. Moreover, Türkoğlu has large and productive lands. Farming is the second occupation in this district. The governor of Bolu (Mr. Halil İbrahim Akpınar) is from Türkoğlu.(Bolu is a medium sized city in Turkey).


The lovely district has 14.000 people in the border of municipality while it has 65.000 people in administrative borders. Administrative borders include both the district centers and all villages and municipalities that are administratively bounded to the district.


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