Syrophoenician woman

Etching by Pietro del Po, The Canaanite (or Syrophoenician) woman asks Christ to cure, ca. 1650.

The Syrophoenician woman (Matthew 15:21) (also called "Canaanite" Mark 7:26) is an unidentified New Testament woman from the region of "Tyre and Sidon" (Matthew 15:21), whose daughter Jesus heals by exorcism. "The woman is ... described as Syrophoenician by race. It is unclear whether Mark seeks to distinguish between a Phoenician from Syria and one from northern Africa or between someone living in the costal area of Syria and someone living in the central part."[1] Her other notable characteristic is her non-Jewish status: the Gospel of Mark adds that she is a gentile (Greek: Ελληνις Mark 7:26).

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