Syrian Telecom

Syrian Telecom
Industry Telecommunications
Headquarters Damascus, Syria
Number of locations
Fayez Mansour Street, Mazza Area 35108
Key people
Bashar al-Assad (President)[1]
Baker Baker (CEO)
Dr. Haitham Chedyak
Parent Ministry of Communications and Technology (Syria)

Syrian Telecom (officially: Syrian Telecommunications Establishment) (Arabic: الإتصاaلات السورية) is a telecommunications company in Syria. The company is affiliated with the government of Syria. The twelve service providers in Syria run through two AS's, both of which are owned by Syrian Telecom (AS29256 and AS29386).[2] Baker Baker has served as Director General and CEO for Syria Telecom for several years.[3] Their partners include ST-Samsung of Korea, a technology solutions provider to Syria, Iraq, and Sudan.[4][5] Since 2006, agreements for wireless systems such as the INTRACOM IAS-W have been acquired through international agreements with foreign hardware suppliers.[6]sns

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