Swiss Democrats

Swiss Democrats
German name Schweizer Demokraten
French name Démocrates Suisses
Italian name Democratici Svizzeri
Romansh name Democrats Svizers
President Bernhard Hess
Members of the Federal Council None
Ideology National conservatism
Political position Right-wing
Colours Red
National Council
0 / 200
Council of States
0 / 46
Cantonal legislatures
2 / 2,559

Swiss Federal Council
Federal Chancellor
Federal Assembly
Council of States (members)
National Council (members)

The Swiss Democrats (German: Schweizer Demokraten; French: Démocrates Suisses; Italian: Democratici Svizzeri; Romansh: Democrats Svizers) are a right-wing political party in Switzerland.

The party is not represented in the Federal Assembly, but has two members of the Grand Council of Aargau.

In the 2003 federal elections, the party won 1.0% of the vote and 1 out of 200 seats in the National Council. This seat was lost in the 2007 elections, where the SD fell to 0.5% of the popular vote. After their severe election loss, the party congress decided not to disband but to continue competing in elections, striving to return to parliament.

The Nationale Aktion was originally a far right xenophobic movement pursuing an anti-immigration agenda during the 1960s. After a hostile split with James Schwarzenbach in 1971, the movement lost most of its momentum during the 1970s. It re-surfaced in the 1980s.

After another hostile split with former president Valentin Oehen, it was renamed to its current name in 1990. After 1998, the party lost nearly all significance in national politics because of the absorption of far-right votes into the growing Swiss People's Party.

Federal elections

Federal Assembly of Switzerland
Election # of total votes % of popular vote # of seats won
1991 69,297 Increase 3.4% Increase 5 Increase
1995 59,613 Decrease 3.1% Decrease 3 Decrease
1999 35,883 Decrease 1.8% Decrease 1 Decrease
2003 20,177 Decrease 1.0% Decrease 1 Increase
2007 12,609 Decrease 0.5% Decrease 0 Decrease

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