Swimming at the Summer Universiade

Swimming is one of the sports at the biennial Universiade competition. It has been one of the event's competed sports since the inaugural edition. It was not included in 1975 and 1989.


Games Year Host city Host country
I 1959 Turin  Italy
II 1961 Sofia  Bulgaria
III 1963 Porto Alegre  Brazil
IV 1965 Budapest  Hungary
V 1967 Tokyo  Japan
VI 1970 Turin  Italy
VII 1973 Moscow  Soviet Union
IX 1977 Sofia  Bulgaria
X 1979 Mexico City  Mexico
XI 1981 Bucharest  Romania
XII 1983 Edmonton, Alberta  Canada
XIII 1985 Kobe  Japan
XIV 1987 Zagreb  Yugoslavia
XVI 1991 Sheffield  United Kingdom
XVII 1993 Buffalo, New York  United States
XVIII 1995 Fukuoka  Japan
XIX 1997 Sicily  Italy
XX 1999 Palma de Mallorca  Spain
XXI 2001 Beijing  China
XXII 2003 Daegu  South Korea
XXIII 2005 İzmir  Turkey
XXIV 2007 Bangkok  Thailand
XXV 2009 Belgrade  Serbia
XXVI 2011 Shenzhen  China
XXVII 2013 Kazan  Russia
XXVIII 2015 Gwangju  South Korea
XXIX 2017 Taipei Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei
XXX 2019 Naples  Italy

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