Suttavibhanga (-vibhaṅga, Pali for "rule analysis") is the first book of the Theravadin Vinaya Pitaka. It is a commentary on the community rules (Patimokkha). The general form of the commentary is that each rule is preceded by a story telling how the Buddha came to lay it down, and followed by explanations. Sometimes this includes further stories acting as "judicial precedents". It is divided into two parts, covering the rules for monks and nuns, respectively. The monks' rules are divided as follows:

The nuns' section has the same sections apart from the third. Since many of the nuns' rules apply to monks too and these are not usually repeated in the Suttavibhanga, the numbers of rules actually appearing in some sections of the nuns' analysis are less than the totals given at the beginning and end.


The Book of the Discipline, tr I. B. Horner, volumes I-III, 1938–40, Pali Text Society, Lancaster

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